All Japan Pro-Wrestling

全日本プロレス All Japan Pro-Wrestling / Zen Nihon Pro Wrestling

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2. Champions/History
3. Tournaments/League History
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Promotion History

All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), or better known today as All Japan Pro-Wrestling (AJP), was promotion that held their first show on October 22, 1972 by the late Shohei “Giant” Baba.
With Antonio Inoki going off from the JWA (Japan Pro Wrestling Association) to form his own promotion under his own philosphy (Strong Style/Shoot based), Baba had his own school of thought and created 王道の純プロレス (Odo no Jun Pro Wrestle) or Pure Wrestling Royal Road. Baba quickly built his promotion up with plenty of outside talent making appearances, with names like Bruno Sammartino, Fred Blassie, Terry Funk, and not to mention many more throughout the years.

(Work In Progress)

On February 25, 2013 it was announced that Speed Partners had been bought out by Speed Partners and Nobuo Shiraishi would become the active president of the promotion in the fall of 2013. In late May, Shiraishi took it upon himself to take charge of the promotion and released the current active president in Masayuki Uchida and this caused a division in the promotion that saw Keiji Mutoh to leave soon following at the end of May. Throughout June there would be hints that many other wrestlers who have followed Mutoh throughout the years would be leaving the promotion. Then as of July 1, 2013, 15 wrestlers and staff officially resigned from the promotion.
Shiraishi knew it was going to happen and said he would let them all leave if that is their decision, and the show held on July 14, 2013 would be the new beginning of All Japan.

In June of 2014 a press conference was held to officially announce that the new All Japan Pro-Wrestling is indeed a new company. All Japan would then be branded as オールジャパン・プロレスリング (All Japan Pro-Wrestling in Katakana) wherein before it was branded as 全日本プロレス, which was Zen Nihon Pro-Wrestling or All Japan in English. The promotion will also be undergoing a new restructuring as well with Jun Akiyama taking over as President and Suwama also joining the Board of Directors.
The main Representatives/Presidents over the years for the promotion.
1. Giant Baba (1972-1982)
2. Mitsuo Matsune (January 1982 – March 1989) director of Nippon TV
3. Giant Baba (April 1989 – January 1999 [his death])
4. Mitsuharu Misawa (May 1999 – June 2000)
5. Motoko Baba (July 2000 – September 2002)
6. Keiji Mutoh (October 2002 – June 2011)
7. Masayuki Uchida (June 2011 – May 2013)
◆ Board of Directors (2011 – current) Keiji Mutoh & Kaz Hayashi
8. Nobuo Shiraishi (June 2013 – August 2013)
9. Hirota Inoue (September 2013-current)
◆ Board of Directors: Akira Misaka, Tomohiko Sato & Masanobu Fuchi
10. Jun Akiyama
◆ Board of Directors: Kazufumi Yoshimura (Chairman of the Board/Cable TV Yamagata), Mikio Sasahara (Iwate Cable Television), Suwama (Senior Managing Director), Motoko Baba (senior advising director)
PWF Chairmen (Championship match overseers)
1. Lord Blears
2. Stan Hansen
3. Hiroshi Hase
4. Dory Funk Jr.

Current Champions

All Japan Triple Crown Champion:

52nd Champion: Akebono

Defeated Go Shiozaki on May 21, 2015.

All Japan World Tag Team Champions:

70th Champions: Go Shiozaki & Kento Miyahara
Defeated Akebono & Yutaka Yoshie on May 6, 2015.

All Japan World Junior Heavyweight Champion:

38th Generation Champion: Kotaro Suzuki

Defeated Atsushi Aoki on March 27, 2015.

Asia Tag Team Champions:

97th Generation Champions: Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Ultimo Dragon
Defeated Mitusya Nagai & Takeshi Minamino on March 22, 2015

GAORA TV Champion:

6th Generation Champion: SUSHI
Defeated KENSO on June 4, 2015

Tournaments/League History
Champion’s Carnival:
~ 2011: Yuji Nagata
~ 2012: Taiyo Kea
~ 2013: Jun Akiyama
~ 2014: Takao Omori
~ 2015: Akebono
World Strongest Tag League:
~ 2010 ~
~ 2011: Seiya Sanada & KAI
~ 2012: Takao Omori & Manabu Soya
~ 2013: Suwama & Joe Doering
~ 2014: Jun Akiyama & Takao Omori
~ 2011: KAI
~ 2012: Hiroshi Yamato
~ 2014 & 2015: Kotaro Suzuki
Junior Heavyweight Tag League:
~ 2011: Kaz Hayashi & KAI
~ 2012: Kaz Hayashi & Shuji Kondo
~ 2013: Kotaro Suzuki & Atsushi Aoki
~ 2014: Atsushi Aoki & Hikaru Sato

Current Wrestler’s

Yuma Aoyagi
Masanobu Fuchi
Jake Lee (formerly Lee Che Gyong)
Naoya Nomura
Takao Omori (GET WILD)
Akira Raijin / KIYOSHI / SUSHI

Joe Doering

Hikaru Sato [Pancrase MISSION]


Yohei Nakajima (formerly Menso~re Oyaji)

Dark KingDom
“BambiKiller” Chris Raaber
D’Lo Brown
KENSO (Kenzo Suzuki)
Mitsuya Nagai [DRADITION]
Takeshi Minamino [FREE/Toryumon MEXICO]

Outside Talent (2013 +)
Dark Cuervo [AAA]
Dark Ozz [AAA]
Ryuji Hijikata [Free]
Masao Inoue [Free]
Taiyo Kea [Free]
Osamu Nishimura [Free]
ULTIMO DRAGON [Toryumon Mexico]
Yutaka Yoshie [Free]

[Dream Team Futures]
Others (Pre-2013)
Aegyptus Aerial (unknown)
BUSHI (moved to NJPW)
Rene Dupree
Tomoaki Honma [G-TALENT]
Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
Satoshi Kojima [NJPW]
MAZADA [Tokyo Gurentai]
Kazushi Miyamoto [Tenryu Project]
Kenny Omega [DDT]
Tatsuo Omori (in training/current status unknown)
Scott Norton
NOSAWA Rongai [Tokyo Gurentai]
Yuji Okabayashi [BJW]
Daisuke Sekimoto [BJW]
Minoru Suzuki [Pancrase MISSION]
Jimmy Yang [FREE]
Former Wrestlers
Lee Che Gyong (Retired)
Hate (Nobukazu Harai) (Injured)
Soshun (in China)
Takumi Soya (Retired)
TARU (Out of Action)
Voodoo Mask (unknown)
WRESTLE-1 (split in June of 2013)
Seiya Sanada

Manabu Soya (GET WILD)
Taiyo Kea

Giant Baba
Stan “The Lariat” Hansen
Toshiaki Kawada
Rusher Kimura
Mitsuharu Misawa
Jumbo Tsuruta

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