Nippon Retto Pro-wrestling Renmei

A project formed on March 11, 2013 to bring together many Independent and smaller promotions that mainly compete in their own specified region in Japan.

The main goal of this organization is to do just that, to organize and help promote promotions, as well as, connecting the wrestlers and keep all the latest information more readily accessible between the promotions.

20+ promotions from 16+ prefectures initially joined this project with Fugo Fugo Yumeji nominated as the acting CEO for the first year.

Hokuto Pro Wrestling (Hokkaido)
Pro-Wrestling Alive (Iwate, Tochigi)
Joshu Pro-Wrestling (Gunma, Joined 3/25/2013)
Professional Wrestling Wallaby (Saitama, Joined 3/25/2013)
Theater Pro-Wrestling Kachofugetsu (Tokyo)
Marble☆Project (Tokyo)
Tokyo Tama Luchas (Tokyo)
Yamanashi Pro-Wrestling (Yamanashi)
Niigata Pro-Wrestling (Niigata)
Shinshu Pro-Wrestling (Nagano)
Namazu Pro-Wrestling (Shizuoka)
Pro-Wrestling Hakarujishidan (Aichi)
Dotonbori Pro-Wrestling (Osaka, Joined September 7, 2013)
Dove Pro-Wrestling (Hiroshima)
Kitakyushu Pro-Wrestling Z (Fukuoka)
Pro-Wrestling Tafs (Fukuoka)
Saga Pro-Wrestling (Saga)
Pro-Wrestling FTO (Oita)
Pro-Wrestling Gudogun (Kumamoto)

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