World Wonder Ring Stardom

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World Wonder Ring Stardom (Often referred to as simply Stardom) is a Joshi or Japanese women’s wrestling company based out of Tokyo, ran, owned and operated by former Arison as well as JDStar owner Rossy Ogawa as well as public GM and former JDStar and Stardom wrestler Fuka.

Promotion History

During the company’s first few years they began almost immediately as the premier Joshi company thanks to Fuka bringing on and training Gravure Idol (Or a famous actress/singer/model) Yuuki Aikawa to debut as a wrestler, who became their biggest star and a two time Joshi Puroresu Grand Prize winner from Tokyo Sports. After Aikawa’s retirement in April 2013, the promotion began it’s next chapter, trying to find the successor to the famed “Yuzupon” and faced struggles, including posting their lowest ever attendance figure in the legendary Korakuen Hall and a failed debut of a billed “second Yuzupon” in fellow Gravure Idol Yuna Manase, who retired from Stardom after only 1 year due to various Injuries. But things took a turn for the better in 2014 after Natsuki☆Taiyo’s retirement show did well the company hit a good stride with well respected foreign talent such as Mexico’s Dark Angel, USA’s Melissa, and Europe’s Alpha Female proving to be good additions as well as usher out the idol style of years past to a more athletic and physical style reminiscent of top Puroresu companies like New Japan and Pro Wrestling NOAH as well as legendary Joshi companies of the past such as All Japan Womens. Unfortunately the company’s darkest day was around the corner, as on February 22nd in the main event at Korakuen Hall between Act Yasukawa challenged Yoshiko for the World of Stardom Title, Yoshiko mercilessly beat Act in what is known as a “shoot” in wrestling, in particular attacking Act’s right eye which is well known to be blind as Act suffers from Graves’ Disease. Act’s face was badly bloodied and bruised with multiple fractures, forcing Act to relinquish her Wonder of Stardom, and Yoshiko being suspended indefinitely and stripped of the World Title. The Act/Yoshiko incident received much publicity and attention with it being referred to as “Seisan Matchi” or Ghastly Match. In May 2015 longtime star, founding member and power player Nanae Takahashi announced she was leaving the promotion due to fallout from the incident, and on June 14th Yoshiko announced at the company’s Galaxy Stars event that she wouldn’t be coming back due to her retirement from wrestling.

Despite the disastrous first half of of 2015 Stardom is the country’s biggest Joshi promltion and one of if not the biggest predominantly women’s pro wrestling companies in the world, with plans starting in 2015 for an expansion to the Western Hemisphere with the debut of an English language website as well as a tour in October. In the ring the company has done well to overcome the many issues and bad luck they’ve faced and right now are led by the underdog World Champion Kairi Hojo, who has lived up to her potential and more, as she defeated company Ace Io Shirai for the World of Stardom Title after Yoshiko’s suspension in an upset that gained her the cover of famous Japan wrestling magazine Weekly Pro Wrestling. During her young reign Kairi-sama has has critically acclaimed victories such as over Io Shirai, Shirai’s tag partner Mayu Iwatani, and a fantastic 30 minute draw vs. Legendary wrestler Meiko Satomura that many rate as one of the best fights of any kind of the year. Hopefully with continued leadership, a strong champion, and perhaps some good luck Stardom’s future can be as bright to surpass the days of the Yuzupon.


Rossy Ogawa – Owner
Fuka – General Manager/Ring Announcer/Dancer/Retired Wrestler

Active Roster: (As of July 2015)

Chelsea Diamond
Haruka Kato
Io Shirai
Kairi Hojo
Kris Wolf
Mayu Iwatani
Momo Watanabe
Reo Hazuki
Takumi Iroha

Inactive Roster:
Act Yasukawa – Injured
Koguma – Personal Reasons

Outsiders: (Who have wrestled in Stardom in 2015)

DASH Chisako – Sendai Girls
Dragonita – Freelance
Dump Matsumoto – Freelance
Hatsuhinode Kamen – Freelance
Heidi Lovelace – Freelance
Hiroyo Matsumoto – Freelance
Hudson Envy – Freelance
Kagetsu – Freelance
Kaori Yoneyama – JWP
Kyoko Kimura – Freelance – Currently Inactive due to Injury
Meiko Satomura – Sendai Girls
Melissa – Freelance
Nikki Storm – Freelance
Risa Sera – Ice Ribbon
Sendai Sachiko – Sendai Girls
Thunder Rosa – Freelance

oedo~tai – Act Yasukawa, Kyoko Kimura, Nikki Storm, Starfire, Thunder Rosa, Kris Wolf, Hudson Envy, Heidi Lovelace
Heisei-gun – Io Shirai, Mayu Iwatani, & Takumi Iroha
Thunder Rock – Io Shirai, Mayu Iwatani
Candy Crush – Kairi Hojo, Koguma, & Chelsea
California Dolls – Chelsea & Melissa

2015 Departures:

Nanae Takahashi
Yuna Manase


World of Stardom (Commonly Referred to as the Red Belt) Champion: Kairi Hojo – Won on March 29th, 2015 – 3 Successful Defenses

Wonder of Stardom (Commonly referred to as the White Belt) Champion: Io Shirai – Won on May 17th, 2015 – 1 Successful Defense

Goddesses of Stardom (Tag Team) Champions: Thunder Rock (Io Shirai & Mayu Iwatani) – Won on May 6th, 2015 – 1 Successful Defense

Artist of Stardom (Trios) Champions: Candy Crush (Koguma, Chelsea, & Kairi Hojo) – Won on May 3rd, 2015 – Have yet to Defend the Titles

High Speed Champion: Starfire – Won on May 17th, 2015 – Has yet to Defend the Title

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