DIAMOND RING – Kensuke Office


Promotion owned and run by Kensuke Sasaki and his wife, former female wrestler of the 90’s, Akira Hokuto.

Kensuke Office/DIAMOND RING was founded in 2004, and was officially established on November 15th, 2005.
The promotion was first built around the dissolution of Riki Choshu’s World Japan, and Sasaki looking to help support his current protege Katsuhiko Nakajima. Nakajima was adopted into the Sasaki family around this time, as he grew up only with his mother and no father. So the Kensuke Family was first established in 2004.
On November 15th, 2005, Kensuke Office was officially established as a free affiliated promotion. Kensuke Office would work among other promotions and hold dozen of shows throughout the year and bring in talent from connected promotions.
Kensuke Office’s Headquarters is located in Yoshikawa, Saitama Prefecture, Japan and the building houses the office, Dojo, Dormitories, and even a Restaurant.
In November 29th, 2006, Sasaki made the announcement that Kensuke Office would begin their own produced shows, as the began housing multiple talent. On Feb. 11th, 2007 they would hold their first show “Take the Dream Vol. 1”
On January 11th of 2012, it was announced that with the coming of the 5th Anniversary Kensuke Office would be officially changing their name to DIAMOND RING. On February 11th, DIAMOND RING would host their first show to a sold out crowd at the Korakuen Hall.

Kensuke Office Producer, CEO, President: Akira Hokuto
Vice-President: Kensuke Sasaki
Supervisor: Masa Saito

Catfish Man (Namazu Man)
Katsuhiko Nakajima
Kensuke Sasaki

Mitsuhiro Kitamiya
Satoshi Kajiwara

Former Talent
Raimu Mishima (Retired 2007)
Jun Nishikawa (Retired 2011)
Takashi Okita (Retired 2012)
Tatsushi Yamaguchi (Retired 2008)

Kento Miyahara (resigned in 2013, moved to AJPW in 2014)

Outside Talent (Participates on shows)
Amigo Suzuki
Bear Fukuda
Kazunari Murakami
Masato Shibata
Takeshi Minamino
Yutaka Yoshie

Kensuke Office Header

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