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Dragon Gate is one of the hottest promotions in Japan that is known for its high flying and fast paced action. Many of the veteran stars of Dragon Gate trained under and gotten their start in former New Japan and WWE superstar Ultimo Dragon’s promotion: Toryumon Mexico/ Japan, thus there is a big influence of Lucha Libre in Dragon Gate with arguably their biggest matches involving six man tag action.

Dragon Gate began in 2004 when the wrestlers of Toryumon parted ways with their mentor/trainer/teacher Último Dragón and started their own promotion. The promotion, which would be called Dragon Gate, declared CIMA (the last one to hold the Último Dragón Gym Championship) its first Open the Dream Gate (singles) Champion. Since then Dragon Gate has quickly become not only the biggest “indy” fed in Japan but arguably could be considered the number three promotion in Japan behind New Japan and All Japan wrestling. Due to DVD sales and tours in the United States, Dragon Gate has created such a a huge following that they decided to create a American off branch called DGUSA which stars a handful of Dragon Gate stars but also young and upcoming American Indy wrestlers as well. DGUSA has their own championships that are recognized and even defended in Japan on regular Dragon Gate shows.

Dragon Gate History
2004 Dragon Gate is formed, CIMA is recognized as the first Open the Dream Gate Champion. Later that year the Italian Connection are crowned the first Open the Triangle Gate Champions

2005 Naruki Doi wins the inaugural Open the Brave Gate title. In the fall of this year Dragon Gate embarks on their first tour of the US in the Ring of Honor promotion. At the end of the year Dragon Gate crowns their first King of Gate (their annual singles tournament).

2006 Dragon Gate returned to ROH for the WrestleMania weekend and competed in a six man match that earned rare five stars acclaim. That summer Dragon Gate would start WRESTLEJAM, a series of shows that showcased wrestlers from Mexico and America. In the fall, CIMA, Dragon Kid and Genki Horiguchi would participate in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Battle of Los Angeles tournament. Dragon Gate will also have a few shows in China where they would debut the Chinese Super Hero Super Shenlong!

2007 Dragon Gate would start the NEX promotion, which would showcase students of the Dragon Gate dojo who may one day become stars in the main promotion. Current stars like Cyber Kong, Tozawa and Kzy are graduates of the NEX promotion. This year would also start the annual Summer Tag League which was won by Speed Muscle (Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino) who were then crowned the very first Open the Twin Gate Champions. Speed Muscle would also participate in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s DDT4 Tag tournament as well as win NOAH’s GHC jr tag team titles. New Japan Jr legend, Jushin Thunder Liger would win the Open the Dream Gate tile from Don Fujii, becoming the first and so far only outsider to win the top prize in Dragon Gate. BxB Hulk would participate in the very prestigious NJPW Best of Super Jr tournament. That fall CIMA would win Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s Battle of Los Angeles tournament, and the rest of Dragon Gate would make a visit to Hawaii’s Action Zone Wrestling federation.

2008 In the fall Dragon Gate would have their first fully promoted shows in the US, the first one being in Los Angeles and the second one being in Hawaii.

2009 Dragon Gate would make its debut in the UK. While YAMATO will participate in BOTH NJPW Best of the Super Jrs and the Super J Cup.

2010 Dragon Gate would begin DGUSA which continues on today having shows almost every other month.



Akira Tozawa 戸澤陽
BxB Hulk B×Bハルク
Chihiro Tominaga 富永千浩
Cyber Kong サイバー・コング
Don Fujii ドン・フジイ
Dragon Kid ドラゴン・キッド
Genki Horiguchi H.A. Gee Mee!! 堀口元気H.A.Gee.Mee!!
Jimmy Kanda ジミー・神田
Jimmy Kagetora ジミー・カゲトラ
Jimmy Susumu ジミー・ススム
Johnson Florida
“Hollywood” Stalker Ishikawa “ハリウッド”ストーカー市川
Kenichiro Arai 新井健一郎
Kotoka 琴香
Masaaki Mochizuki 望月成晃
Masato Yoshino 吉野正人
Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin Mr.キューキュー・豊中ドルフィン
Mondai Ryu 問題龍
Naoki Tanisaki 谷崎なおき
Naruki Doi 土井成樹
Rich Swann リッチ・スワン
Ricochet リコシェ
Ryo “Jimmy” Saito 斉藤“ジミー”了
Shingo Takagi 鷹木信悟
Shachihoko BOY シーサーBOY
Super Shisa スペル・シーサー
Super Shenlong III 三代目超神龍
Taku Iwasa 岩佐拓






WORLD1 International

WORLD1 International

Team Veteran Army Returns

Team Veteran Army Returns




Current Champions:


Open the Dream Gate Champion

The Open the Dream Gate Championship is the top professional wrestling title in Japanese promotion Dragon Gate. It was created on July 4, 2004 when CIMA was awarded the title as a result of being the last Último Dragón Gym Champion.[1] The title belt’s face has a “gate” on it which contains a plate with the titleholders’ name. Any official challenger for the belt carries a key used to open the gate with, and should they win the title, then they can open the gate and put their name inside it. However, if the title is successfully defended, then the key is added to the belt as a symbol of that successful defense. There have been a total of 11 recognized champions who have had a combined 14 official reigns.



Open the Freedom Gate Champion
Johnny Gargano

This main title of Dragon Gate USA.

Open the Brave Gate Champion
Dragon Kid

The Open the Brave Gate Championship is a professional wrestling title in Japanese promotion Dragon Gate; it has a weight limit of 83 kg (180 lb), though it has been defended against heavier wrestlers in the past. It was created on March 13, 2005 when Naruki Doi defeated YOSSINO in a tournament final. The faceplate logo on the belt is divided into eight pieces, each piece representing the eight wrestlers who fought in the tournament to determine the inaugural champion. During Gamma’s reign, he threw away all eight pieces of the faceplate and replaced it with his own plate, renaming it the Open the Gamma Gate, dictating and often changing the rules of his title defenses. This ended when Masato Yoshino, wrestling as the masked Dr. Muscle, defeated Gamma and restored it to the Brave Gate title, vacating it soon afterwards.

Open the Triangle Gate

Open the Triangle Gate Champions
Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! & Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin

The Open the Triangle Gate Championship is a professional wrestling trios title in Japanese promotion Dragon Gate. It was created on November 7, 2004 when The Italian Connection faction of Milano Collection AT, Anthony W. Mori & YOSSINO defeated Aagan Iisou’s Shuji Kondo, Takuya Sugawara & “brother” YASSHI in a tournament final. Each title belt’s face has three emblems on it, shaped in a triangle, that represent Power, Technique & Mind.

Open the Twin Gate

Open the Twin Gate Champions
Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii

The Open the Twin Gate Championship is a professional wrestling tag team title in Japanese promotion Dragon Gate. Dragon Gate had used the WAR IJ Tag Team Championship since 2006, until 2007 when Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino introduced the new Twin Gate after winning the Summer Adventure Tag League tournament. They later defeated the IJ champions, Keni’chiro Arai & Taku Iwasa, to unify the titles and become the first Twin Gate champions.


Open the United Gate Champions

The Tag Team Titles of DGUSA.


Open the Owarai Gate Champion
Kenichiro Arai

The Open the Owarai Gate Championship is a professional wrestling title in Japanese promotion Dragon Gate. The word owarai in the title’s name is the Japanese word for comedy.

The championship was first conceived during Stalker Ichikawa’s first United States tour, joining fellow Dragon Gate wrestlers CIMA, Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino and Don Fujii during the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla two-night event Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament on May 19 and May 20, 2007 in Burbank, California. In addition to changing his name to “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa, he also gave birth to the Open the Owarai Gate Championship which he wore during the second night of the event against Top Gun Talwar. The name change and the introduction of the belt was made official on May 25.

The championship is both unique and very unusual. The title is not necessarily defended by traditional methods of simply beating the champion by pinfalls or submission. While such a situation can still happen, the title also has a stipulation regarding audience approval during the match. This means that while the champion could still technically lose the match, he could retain the belt simply by having earning more applause and/or laughter from the audience.

Open the Dream Gate Title History

# Champion Date Won Defenses Notes
1 CIMA July 4, 2004 1 Awarded the belt
2 Masaaki Mochizuki Dec. 16, 2004 4
3 Magnitude Kishiwada Nov. 4, 2005 2
4 Ryo Saito Feb 24, 2006
5 Susumu Yokosuka April 23, 2006 3
6 Don Fujii Nov 23, 2006 1
7 Jushin Liger March 25, 2007 1
8 CIMA July 1, 2007 6 vacated due to injury
9 Shingo Takagi July 27, 2008 3 beat BxB Hulk
10 Naruki Doi Dec. 28, 2008 8
11 YAMATO March 22, 2010 3
12 Masato Yoshino July 11, 2010 4
13 Masaaki Mochizuki April 14, 2011 6
14 CIMA December 25, 2011 11

Open the Brave Gate Title History

# Champion Date Won Defenses Notes
1 Naruki Doi March 13, 2005 Defeated YOSSINO
2 Dragon Kid Nov 13, 2005 Vacated February 5, 2006
3 Masato Yoshino March 19, 2006 Defeated Dragon Kid and Naoki Tanisaki
4 Matt Sydal Feb 12, 2007
5 Genki Horiguchi March 25, 2007
6 Yasushi Kanda July 1, 2007
7 Masato Yoshino Sept 22, 2007
8 Anthony W. Mori April 13, 2008 Vacated
9 Gamma April 27, 2008 Defeated Mori
10 Dr. Muscle June 29, 2008 Vacated
11 Genki Horiguchi July 27, 2008
12 Masato Yoshino Oct 12, 2008
13 CIMA March 22, 2009
14 Naruki Doi July 19, 2009 Vacated July 28, 2009
15 Naoki Tanizaki Aug 30, 2009
16 K-Ness Jan 11, 2010
17 Tigers Mask April 18, 2010
18 Masato Yoshino Aug 14, 2010 Vacated Aug 14, 2010 – Dream Gate Champ
19 PAC Aug 29, 2010
20 Ricochet 11/19/11 3
21 Dragon Kid 5/6/12 7

Open the Triangle Gate Title History

# Champion Date Won Defenses Notes
1 Milano Collection A.T., YOSSINO & Anthony W. Mori 11/7/04 2 Tournament Final
2 Ryo Saito, Dragon Kid & Genki Horiguchi 3/6/05 2
3 CIMA, Don Fujii & Naruki Doi 7/8/05 1
4 Ryo Saito, Dragon Kid & Genki Horiguchi 7/9/05 2
5 CIMA, Magnitude Kishiwada & Masato Yoshino 7/12/05 4
6 CIMA, BxB Hulk & Jack Evans 8/20/06
7 Ryo Saito, Dragon Kid & Genki Horiguchi 9/30/06
8 Naruki Doi, Gamma & Masato Yoshino 11/19/06
9 Super Shisa, Anthony W. Mori & BxB Hulk 12/26/06
10 Naruki Doi, Gamma & Masato Yoshino 1/21/07 3
11 CIMA, Susumu Yokosuka & Ryo Saito 3/25/07 1
12 Magnitude Kishiwada, Naruki Doi & Gamma 4/9/07
13 CIMA, Susumu Yokosuka & Ryo Saito 4/15/07
14 Shingo Takagi, BxB Hulk & Cyber Kong 5/10/07 1
15 Magnitude Kishiwada, Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino 7/22/07
16 Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii & K-ness 9/9/07 3
17 Shingo Takagi, BxB Hulk & YAMATO 2/24/08 1
18 Shingo Takagi, Gamma & YAMATO 5/14/08 1
19 Kenichiro Arai, Taku Iwasa & Shinobu 6/26/08
20 Gamma, Yasushi Kanda & YAMATO 7/12/08 2
21 Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii & Magnitude Kishiwada 7/12/08 3
22 Shingo Takagi, Dragon Kid & Taku Iwasa 2/15/09 2
23 CIMA, Gamma & KAGETORA 4/15/09 1
24 Masato Yoshino, BxB Hulk & PAC 6/7/09 2
25 Akebono, Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii 10/14/09 3
26 Takuya Sugawara, Yasushi Kanda & Kzy 5/5/10
27 CIMA, Gamma & Genki Horiguchi 5/13/10 1
28 Naruki Doi, Naoki Tanizaki & PAC 6/20/10
29 CIMA, Gamma & Genki Horiguchi 6/24/10 3
30 Yasushi Kanda, Takuya Sugawara & Naoki Tanizaki 10/25/10 1
31 CIMA, Dragon Kid & Ricochet 12/26/10 5
32 Masato Yoshino, YAMATO & Gamma 6/18/11 2
33 Naruki Doi, Naoki Tanizaki & Kzy 9/2/11 5
34 Ryo Saito, Yasushi Kanda & Genki Horiguchi 3/3/12 1
35 Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & PAC 5/6/12 5
36 Akira Tozawa, BxB Hulk & Fake Naoki Tanizaki 8/19/12 2 Won Summer Adventure Tag League 2012
37 Magnitude Kishiwada, Gamma & HUB 10/21/12 1
38 Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & Shachihoko BOY 11/17/12
39 Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!! & Mr. Kyukyu Toyonaka Dolphin 11/23/12 4

Open the Twin Gate Title History

# Champion Date Won Defenses Notes
1 Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino 10/12/07 2 Unified Open the Twin Gate/WAR IJ Tag
2 Kenichiro Arai & Taku Iwasa 2/2/08 2
3 Susumu Yokosuka & Ryo Saito 5/5/08 3
4 Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino 9/26/08
5 Cyber Kong & YAMATO 10/5/08 4
6 Susumu Yokosuka & Gamma 3/1/09
7 Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi 5/5/09 3
8 Shingo Takagi & YAMATO 9/17/09 3
9 CIMA & Gamma 12/27/09
10 CIMA & Gamma 2/10/10
11 Shingo Takagi & Cyber Kong 3/22/10 1
12 Susumu Yokosuka & K-ness 5/13/10 4
13 Naruki Doi & Gamma 11/23/10 1
14 Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii 1/10/11
15 Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi 2/6/11 2
16 Dragon Kid & PAC 6/19/11
17 CIMA & Ricochet 7/17/11 3
18 BxB Hulk & Akira Tozawa 12/1/11 2
19 Jimmy Susumu & Jimmy Kagetora 3/4/12 3
20 BxB Hulk & Fake Naoki Tanizaki 6/10/12
21 Jimmy Susumu & Jimmy Kagetora 6/17/12 3
22 Shingo Takagi & YAMATO 7/22/12 1
23 Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii 9/23/12 6

Open the Freedom Gate Title History

# Champion Date Won Defenses Notes
1 BxB Hulk 11/28/09 6 beat CIMA, YAMATO & Gran Akuma in a 4 Way Match
2 YAMATO 1/28/11 6
3 Johnny Gargano 11/23/11 11

Open the United Gate Title History

# Champion Date Won Defenses Notes
1 Masato Yoshino & PAC 1/30/11 3 Won a Round Robin Tournament
2 CIMA & Ricochet 9/11/11 2 Vacated due to CIMA’s Injury
3 Masato Yoshino & Ricochet 3/30/12 Defeated Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor in Decision Match
4 CIMA & AR Fox 7/29/12 3 Defeated Rich Swann & Ricochet in Decision Match