Ice Ribbon

Ice Ribbon is a Joshi promotions found in 2006 by Emi Sakura.
Ice Ribbon was formed soon after Sakura’s split from Gatokunyan and immediately brought the promotion to fruition.
They normal run shows out of their home area of Saitama at the Isami Wrestle Arena.

Ice Ribbon has a sub-promotion under them called 19 O’Clock Girls Pro Wrestling “19時女子プロレス Jukuji Joshi Puroresu” which runs shows on Ustream.


ICEx60 Singles Championship

Innocent Candies Evolution. All matches are under a 20 minute time limit and the champions will be stripped if time expires. The title also holds a 60kg weight limit. Which is roughly 130lbs.

International Ribbon Tag Team Championship

Matches held under the 20 minute standard, if time limit expires champions will be stripped of titles. The belts are eligible with mixed tags.

Triangle Ribbon Championship

Better known as the TRC is the secondary singles title for Ice Ribbon, but unlike the standard time limit rules these title matches are held under 15 minutes.

Internet Wrestling 19 Championship

The IW19 Championship was made official on March 22nd, 2011 as the official belt to be defended on the 19 O’Clock Girls Pro Wrestling Ustream shows.

Current talent

Aika Ando 安藤あいか
Aoi Kizuki 希月あおい
Chii Tomiya 都宮ちい
Emi Fujino 藤野恵実
Hamuko Hoshi 星ハム子
Haruna Akagi 赤城はるな
Hikari Minami みなみ飛香
Hikaru Shida 志田光
Kurumi くるみ
Makoto 真琴
Meare Naito 内藤メアリ
Minori Makiba 牧場みのり
Miyako Matsumoto 松本都
Mochi Miyagi 宮城もち
Neko Nitta 新田猫子
Riho りほ
Sakura Emi (founder) さくらえみ
Sayaka Obihiro 帯広さやか
Seina 聖菜
Tsukasa Fujimoto 藤本つかさ
Tsukushi つくし
Yumiko Inoue 井上由美子
ICEx60 Singles Championship History

1 Seina December 23, 2008 First Reign
2 Kiyoko Ichiki January 18th, 2009 First Reign
3 Makoto August 23, 2009 First Reign
4 Sakura Emi October 12, 2009 First Reign
5 Tsukasa Fujimoto January 4, 2010 First Reign
6 Miyako Matsumoto March 21, 2010 First Reign
7 Riho April 3, 2010 First Reign
8 Emi Sakura May 3, 2010 Second Reign
9 Hikari Minami July 19, 2010 First Reign
10 Command Bolshoi August 27, 2010 First Reign
11 Tsuakasa Fujimoto December 26, 2010 Second Reign

International Ribbon Tag Team Championship History

1 Yuki Miyazaki and Tanny Mouse April 4, 2008
2 Etsuko Mita and Makoto February 1, 2009
3 Nanae Takahashi and Minori Makiba April 12, 2009
4 Chou-Un Shiryu and Masa Takanashi July 29, 2009
5 Riho and Yuki Sato August 24, 2009 Vacated September 1, 2009
6 Sakura Emi and Kaori Yoneyama September 21, 2009
7 Azumi Hyuga and Ran Yu-Yu December 13, 2009 Vacated December 27, 2009
8 Hiroyo Matsumoto and Mamuko Hoshi January 4, 2010
9 Kazumi Shimouma and Nanae Takahashi February 20, 2010
10 Miyako Matsumoto and Jun Kasai May 3, 2010
11 Chii Tomiya and Isami Kodaka August 6, 2010
12 GENTARO and Mai Ichii September 23, 2010
13 Sakura Emi and Nanae Takahashi September 25, 2010 Vacated December 11, 2010 due to draw
14 Tsukasa Fujimoto and Hikaru Shida December 23, 2010

Triangle Ribbon Championship History

1 Riho November 28, 2009
2 Miyako Matsumoto March 22, 2010
3 Nanae Takahashi April 17, 2010
4 Kazumi Shimouma July 19, 2010
5 Tsukasa Fujimoto December 11th, 2010 Vacated March 2, 2011
6 Tsukasa Fujimoto March 5, 2011

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