Wrestling New Classic

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TAJIRI officially announced Wrestling New Classic on April 5, 2012. The promotion is aimed as the spiritual successor to Pro Wrestling SMASH, following the close of SMASH in March of 2012. This time around, with TAJIRI in full control, he aims to pick things up where SMASH left off and continue on under a new banner.
They held a pre-show on April 26, 2012 at the Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo.
~ May 24, 2012: Their real debut show was held at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Hoshito (Masaya) Takahashi would also make his debut.
~ May 26, 2012: First show held in Osaka, Osaka Minami Move On Arena.
~ May 27, 2012: First show held in Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Hall, West Wing.
~ June 17, 2012: Kanapuro Petit was held at Shinkiba 1stRING in Tokyo.
~ June 24, 2012: Show held at Isawaonsen, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.
~ July 15, 2012: 2nd show at the Korakuen Hall, Shinose Sanjushichi makes his debut.
~ July 31, 2012: El Hijo del Pantera becomes the first foreign student to compete in WNC.
~ August 3, 2012: Show held at the World Museum in Osaka.
~ August 6, 2012: Show held at Hakata Starlanes in Fukuoka.
~ August 7, 2012: Show held at Oroshi Tea Hall.
~ August 16, 2012: Special Show held at Elementary School.
~ August 30, 2012: 3rd show at Korakuen Hall. Nagisa Nozaki makes her return.
~ September 1, 2012: Show held at Toyohashi City Meiho Building Community Hall in Aichi.
~ September 17, 2012: First show held at the Nagoya Sports Center.
~ September 20, 2012: 4th show held at Korakuen Hall. NOAH’s Naomichi Marufuji competes. Registration opens for WNC Fanclub.
~ September 22, 2012: WNC holds one final show at the Osaka Minami Move on Arena, before the Arena closes.
~ October 2, 2012: WNC partners with MAD-CROC JAPAN an Energy Drink company.
~ October 10, 2012: WNC works along with LLPW-X.
~ October 26, 2012: 5th show at the Korakuen Hall. Title tournaments begin, as well as the Dave Finlay Cup. Yoshihiro Doguchi makes his debut.
~ November 9, 2012: MakoKana Pro is held at Shinjuku FACE.
~ November 13-15, 2012: Male WNC went on an expedition to the Korea Pro Wrestling Federation.
~ November 24, 2012: The The Big Guns Produce show was held at Nasuki Hall in Umeda.
~ November 26, 2012: Show held at Nishitetsu Hall.
~ November 28, 2012: 6th Show at Korkuen Hall. Semi-Finals of tournaments held.
~ November 30, 2012: Kana resigned, New Logo design was made.
~ December 18, 2012: WNC Headquarters were moved to Roppongi.
~ December 27, 2012: 7th show was held at Korakuen. First WNC Champions were crowned.

WNC Champion: AKIRA
(Defeated TAJIRI on December 27, 2012)
WNC Women’s Champion: Shuri
(Defeated Nagisa Nozaki on December 27, 2012)

WRESTLERS: (Updated January 2013)
Koji Doi
Yoshihiro Doguchi
Jiro Kuroshio
Lin Bairon
Takuya Kito
Yusuke Kodama
Hiroki Murase
Josh O’Brien
Shinose Sanjushichi
Masaya Takahashi

SYNAPSE / シナプス

Dave Finlay [Limited/WWE]
Shinya Ishikawa [SYNAPSE/BJW]
Takuya Kito [Kuzupro]
Tomoka Nakagawa
Emil Sitoci
Mio Shirai
Aki Shizuku
Starbuck [SYNAPSE/FCF]
The Bodyguard [The Big Guns/OSAKA]
Ultimo Dragon [Toryumon MEXICO]
Mikey Whipwreck
Zeus [The Big Guns/OSAKA]

Hajime Ohara


SMASH pro wrestling is a promotion that was founded on February 2nd, 2010 by Masakazu Sakai (Hustle Entertainment President) and TAJIRI (former WWE/ECW wrestler).SMASH was founded to be a blend of Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, as well as Kickboxing and was originally built as a community based promotion in the Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan area. SMASH is also aimed to be the home for world-class talent development.

Since day one SMASH has been very successful in selling out arena’s like the Shinjuku FACE for their very first show on March 26, 2010 and the JCB Hall on November 22, 2010.

SMASH Division Concepts:

SMASH Pro Wrestling

TAJIRI being a world traveled wrestler and spending significant time in the USA is the one who runs the pro wrestling divisions. SMASH wrestling is aimed to be entertainment, but TAJIRI aims to also bring emotion with the entertainment. TAJIRI also has a lot of connections outside of Japan and aims to bring in a lot of talent from around the world. As of now SMASH is working directly with FCF (Fight Club Finland), OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling / USA), and Toryumon JAPAN with Ultimo Dragon.

SMASH World Tryout: The concept of the SMASH tryout is to bring in talent from around the world to see how they would work in SMASH or just a test of themselves as wrestlers in general. So far the main individual who has done the most since the tryout is Mentallo who has been on shows following his tryout match against Jushin Thunder Liger.


SMASH is in partnership with DEEP MMA organization. Akira Shoji is the one in charge of this division and a few of the talent under the project is Katsuaki Furuki and Shuri Kondo.

Last SMASH Champions

SMASH Champion

Dave Finlay

Photobucket(Defeated Starbuck on 11/24/2011 @ SMASH.23)

SMASH Diva Champion


Hajime Ohara
Kouji Doi
Lin Bairon
Yusuke Kodama

Akira Shoji
Ayumi Kurihara
Dave Finlay
Golem Knight
Jessica Love [FCF]
Kana [Triple Tails]
Michael Kovac
Mio Shirai [Triple Tails]
Ray [Ice Ribbon]
Starbuck [FCF]
Super Crazy
Takao Omori
Takuya Kito
Tommy Dreamer
Tomoka Nakagawa
Ultimo Dragon
Yoshiaki Yago
YO-HEY [Fu-Dojo]

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