Yuma Aoyagi

 photo 1ce9219c-5141-4e27-8a91-0a5c7d55d2e4_zpsciozhnin.jpgReal Name
青柳 優馬 Aoyagi, Yuma
November 2, 1995 from Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
Trained by
AJPW Dojo, Atsushi Aoki
December 14, 2014 against Kento Miyahara
Signature Moves

Championships and Accomplishments

Yuma Aoyagi’s sports history is soccer back in junior high school. He grew up a fan of pro-wrestling while watching over the years along with his father.
Before he graduated from high school he let his parents know that he was going to try and pursue and opportunity to become a pro wrestler.
Yuma passed the All Japan tryout on April 1, 2014 and immediately joined the dojo system. Within that same year, just 8 months of joining the promotion, he would make his debut on December 14 taking on Kento Miyahara. Yuma would debut in blue short tights which harken back to Jun Akiyama’s original debut color. It was later reviled that the tights were indeed Akiyama’s as he gave them to the young rookie as a gift for his hard work.


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