Craig Classic

Real Name
Craig Cohn
170cm (5’7″)
80kg (175lbs)
May 1st, 1983
Trained by
BJW Dojo, Daisuke Sekimoto, “Soulman” Alex G, ZERO1 Dojo, Ikuto Hidaka
June 2005 against Chasyn Rance (Four Star Championship Wrestling)
Signature Moves
Boston Crab
Dragon Sleeper
Blue Thunder
German Suplex
Saito Suplex
Fujiwara Armbar
Championships and Accomplishments
D1PW (Division-1 Pro Wrestling) Cruiserweight Champion, July 28, 2007.
NWA Pro Wrestling Fusion Florida Jr. Heavyweight Championship, October 30, 2009.
NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) World Junior Heavyweight Champion
PRWA Puerto Rico Jr heavyweight title
IPW hardcore/pww international Jr. Heavyweight title


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