Tiger Mask IV

Real Name
Yoshiro Yamazaki
May 20th, 1970 from Chiba, Japan
Trained by
“The Original Tiger Mask” Satoru Sayama
July 15th, 1995 against The Great Sasuke
Signature Moves
Tiger Suplex Hold
Tiger Driver
Destroyer Suplex Hold (Leg Capture Half Tiger Suplex)
Millennium Suplex (Chicken Wing Facelock Half Tiger Suplex)
Tombstone Piledriver
Standing Moonsault Double Knee Drop
Diving Headbutt
PhotobucketChampionships and Accomplishments
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion (6 Times) (44,47,49,54,56,58 generation champion)
Best of the Super Juniors (2004 & 2005)
GHC Junior Tag Team Championship (12th Champion) w/ Koji Kanemoto
Michinoku Pro
APEX OF TRIANGLE Six–Man Tag Team Champion w/ The Great Sasuke and Gran Hamada
British Commonwealth Jr. Heavyweight Champion (2 times)
Fukumen World League (2000, 2007)
Fukumen World Tag League (2000) w/ Gran Hamada

UWA World Middleweight Champion
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion

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