Sho Tanaka

PhotobucketSho Tanaka 田中 翔 (Tanaka Sho)
August 27, 1989 from Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture, Japan.
Trained by
New Japan Dojo, Junji Hirata
November 15, 2012 against Takaaki Watanabe
Signature Moves

Championships and Accomplishments

Sho Tanaka was born on August 27, 1989 and he resides from Uwajima, Ehime
Prefecture, Japan. Sho is currently 23 years old, and his stats were as follows when he debuted in 2012, 173cm (5’7”) and he weighs in at 93kg (205 lbs). He has a strong history in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling in both College and in his University.
Sho stated that he has been a fan of pro wrestling since his 3rd year in high school and really took a liking to Hiroshi Tanahashi as the first person he seen competing in the pro wrestling ring.
Sho’s first live pro wrestling show also came with him meeting Hiroshi Tanahashi told him that he had “a good body” and that he should aim to be a pro wrestler. Sho quickly said that he plans to, which then lef to Tanahashi saying that he would be waiting for him.
Sho has spent the last several months training under his coach Junji Hirata as well as much encouragement from his fellow dorm-mates in Hiromu Takahashi, Takaaki Watanabe, fellow training partner Yohei Komatsu, and Tama Tonga. He closed out the interview by saying that even though he gives up much in terms of height, but that he will back that up by hitting with all of his feeling and spirit. He says that his strong technique at this time is a elbow drop and he says he will do his best not only for the fans, but for the people of Ehime, Japan.


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