Tetsuya Naito

Testuya Naitoh 内藤 哲也 (Naito, Tetsuya)Photobucket
The Stardust Genius, The New Age Genius
Height: 180 cm (5 ft 11 in)
Weight: 102 kg (225 lbs)
Born: June 22nd, 1982 in Adachi, Tokyo, Japan
Trained in the NJPW Dojo
Debuted on May 27, 2006 against Takashi Uwano.

Main Signature Moves:
– Stardust Press (Top Rope Corkskrew Splash)
– Evolución [Fireman’s Carry to Reverse Swing Powerbomb]
– Gloria [Modified Side Clutch Driver]
– Japanese Rolling Clutch
– Jumping Elbow Attack
– Neck Breaker
– German Suplex
– Dragon Suplex
– Sunset Flip
– Jacknife Hold
–  Leg Scissors Kneelock
– Inverted Indian Deathlock
– Missle Kick
– (w/ Yujiro Takahashi) Limtless Explosion, Limitless Dream, Limitless Evolution

Championship History
IWGP Tag Team Championship
(w/ Yujiro Takahashi) Defeated Brother Ray & Brother Devon (3 Way Match w/ Bad Intentions) on Jan. 4th, 2010 ~ Lost to Yuji Nagata & Wataru Inoue (3 Way Match w/ Bad Intentions) on May 3rd, 2010.

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
(w/ Yujiro) Defeated Minoru & Prince Devitt on Oct. 13th, 2008 ~ Lost to Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin on Jan. 4th, 2009.

Tournaments and Accomplishments

Career History/Bio
Naito grew up playing baseball and soccer in High School, he would join the Animal Hamaguchi Dojo in 2000 and that would be the start of his career in learning pro wrestling. Though things did not go as smoothly as they should have as he suffered a pretty severe injury that caused him to have to give up that dream for a while.
In 2004, he would find his way back into training as he would join the (Nobuhiko) Takada Dojo and even won a recognition as the “wrestler of the year” while in the Dojo. On a side note, Shingo Takagi was also in this dojo at the time.
On November 3rd, 2005, New Japan held a public introduction competition at the Korakuen Hall. After seeing all the talent involved Tetsuya Naito was chosen and he began training in the NJPW Dojo on December 1st, 2005.
On May 27th, 2006, Naito would make his pro wrestling debut as he would face Takashi Uwano in Riki Choshu’s off-shoot promotion Riki Pro.
Naito would pick up his first victory on October 29th, 2006 when he would beat Mitsuhide Hirasawa. This match would even go on to win the “Young Lions Best Bout” for 2006.

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