Jinsei Shinzaki

Jinsei Shinzaki 新崎人生
Real Name
Kensuke Shinzaki
108kg (101kg)
December 2nd, 1966 from Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan
Trained by
Gran Hamada
1992 in the Universal Pro Wrestling (ユニバーサル・プロレスリング) as Mongolian Yuga. June 1993 as Jinsei Shinzaki.
Other Names
Mongolian Yuga, Hokushi, Mister Kamikaze
Signature Moves
Buddhist (Nenbustsu) Powerbomb [Praying Powerbomb]
Buddhist Shoulder Tackle
Buddhist Diving Headbutt
Buddhist Quebrada [Rope Assist Praying Moonsault]
Kouya Otosi [Crucifix Powerbomb]
Mukenn [Head in opponents stomach then to something similar to a Northern Lights Suplex Hold.]
Gokurakugatame [Cross Arm Camel Clutch]
Mandalahineri [Leg Capture Corkscrew]
Rinhei [Backflip Back Brain kick]
Daikongodarani [Turnbuckle Powerbomb]
Ogami-watari [Arm Wrench to Top Rope Walk to Jumping Chop]
Jigokuduki [Throat Chop]
Thrust Kick [Super Kick]
Handspring Back Elbow
Drop Kick
Bizan [Lifting German Suplex Hold]
Corkscrew Plancha
Championships and Accomplishments
All Japan Pro Wrestling
All Asia Tag Team Champion [65th] w/ Hayabusa
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
Tohoku Tag Team Championship [1st] w/ Ultimo Dragon [3rd & 5th] w/ GAINA
Futaritabi Tag Tournament in 1994 w/ Super Delfin
Following Shinzaki graduating High School, Shinzaki actually sought out an opportunity to become an actor and even joined the JAC (Japan Action Enterprise). He was eventually noticed by a man by the name of Bunta Sugawara who connected Shinzaki to Gran Hamada and which eventually led him to become a follower of pro wrestling.
Shinzaki would make his debut for the Universal Pro Wrestling federation in 1992 as Mongolian Yuga. He we remain as that character until the following year when he would move to Michinoku Pro Wrestling, and he would make his “re-debut” on June 11th, 1993 as Jinsei Shinzaki. He got noticed really early on as a wrestler who could move like a Junior, but had the power of a Heavyweight. He was able to overpower most wrestlers with ease, and hew could pull off something like the Nenbustsu Quebrada (top rope jumping dive to the outside), he debuted this move on April 29, 1994 against Great Sasuke, which solidified him as an all around talented and gifted wrestler.
In May of 1994, Shinzaki would head of the USA in which he would also dawn yet another name as Hakushi (白使) which means White Messanger. He would make his debut in the WWF (now WWE) and he would go on to have notable feuds with 123 Kid, Bret Hart, and he even had a match against a younger Matt Hardy. During his time in the WWE he would play both a heel and a baby face as a mid-carder talent. He would make a brief return to Japan in April 1996 and would face off against the Great Muta at the Tokyo Dome. He would go back to the WWE following the match but eventually he would written off of tv and released from his contract in the WWF.
Shinzaki would make his official full return to Japan in 1997 with a special appearance in All Japan Pro Wrestling. He would participate in the July Summer Series, and would also compete in the 1997 World Strongest Tag League with FMW wrestler Hayabusa as his partner. In the tournament they would only end up with a 2 win, 7 loss record, but there was definitely a lot of attention on their performance. His first ever title win would come on February 13, 1999 as he and Hayabusa won the All Asia Tag Team Championship after beating the team of Tamon Honda & Jun Izumida. They would hold the belts until June 4, 1999 when the team of Yoshihiro Takayama & Takao Omori “NO FEAR” would claim the belts.
Shinzaki would continue on in the promotion for quite sometime even having some notable matches with Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi, whom he also became close friends with at this time. After the split of All Japan and NOAH, Shinzaki would make appearances in the promotion and even became a member of Keiji Mutoh’s BATT (Bad Ass Translate Trading) faction.
PhotobucketIn June of 2003, Shinzaki would be appointed the new President of Michinoku Pro Wrestling by founder The Great Sasuke, while Sasuke was involved with legislative office in Iwate Prefecture. Around this time though, was the start of the decline of attendance at professional wrestling events. Shinzaki began opening doors to begin working with other promotions as a way to keep things new and try to rejuvenate the industry. He would go on to become the first ever Tohoku Tag Team Champions with Ultimo Dragon on July 18, 2004. Their reign would only last for a few month as on September 10, 2004 the team of Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima would become the champions. Shinzaki would find a new partner on March 6, 2005 with GAINA and they would prove to be victorious over Sasaki & Nakajima for the tag belts. This would be another short reign though as on July 09, 2005 the team of The Great Sasuke & Dick Togo would get the win. Almost a year later, Shinzaki & GAINA would finally win back the belts, but GAINA would be forced soon after to relinquish the belt.
In 2006, Shinzaki would begin trying to raise money to begin a women’s wrestling branch in Sendai. This would eventually turn into SENDAI Girls’ Pro-Wrestling which would be run by Meiko Satomura.
Shinzaki would remain the President of Michinoku Pro until August 31, 2009 when Sasuke would become the acting President once again following his active duty in politics.
Shinzaki would though become the acting Commissioner and Representative of SENDAI Girls.
March 9th of 2010 would see another business venture for Shinzaki as he would open up his own personal Ramen Shop in Sendai.


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