Isami Kodaka

PhotobucketIsami Kodaka 木高イサミ
The Deathmatch Samurai
September 27, 1981 from Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan
Trained by
K-DOJO, TAKA Michinoku
July 18, 2002 against Daisuke Matsumoto
Signature Moves
Diving Double Knee Drop
Phantom Pain (Crossface)
Ankle Hold
Diving Cross Body
Cross Armbreaker
Dragon Screw
Low Altitude Missle Dropkick
Chidori-ashi (Leg Lariat)
Trance Rave
Knee Crusher
Nijigen (Brainbuster Hold to Side Buster)
Axe Bomber
Soccerball Kick
Shining Itoshiki Anata
Swanton Bomb
Avalanche Frankensteiner
EXSP (Modified Exploder)
Spiral (Modified Spinning Kick)
BUSHIDO (modified Falcon Arrow)
Torikabuto (Similar to Ricky Marvin’s Santa Maria)
Shamo (Handstand Kick)
Rasengan (Quesadora)
Isami-ashi (Super Kick)
PhotobucketChampionship History
DDT EXTREME Champion (15th)
Ice Ribbon International Tag Team Champion (11th)
BJW Tag Team Champion (26th w/ Masashi Takeda & 34th w/ Yuko Miyamoto)
STYLE-E Open-weight Championship (2nd)

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