Seiki Yoshioka

吉岡 世起 Yoshioka Seiki
170cm (5’6”)
77kg (170 lbs)
January 5, 1988 from Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto City.
Trained by
WRESTLE GATE, HANZO (Hanzo Nakajima)
2008 in WRESTLE GATE against Mino Fujita & HOGO
Signature Moves
Zero-sen (zero fighter) Kick
Scissors Kick
Swanton Bomb
Championships and Accomplishments
Hakata Tag Team Champion (7th Generation w/ SUSUMU)
Seiki began at a young age watching pro wrestling and looked up to Keiji Mutoh. He would train in Taekwondo in High School and would move to Okayama to go to University. During that time he would come across WRESTLE GATE, as their dojo was close by, and h would begin training under the promotions leader in HANZO.
Seiki would make his debut in the promotion soon after under his real name. He would do his best to be a “Bunburyodo”, someone who trains in both martial arts and the academic arts.
He would undergo a name change in November of 2011 to just SEIKI and was tagging regularly with another WRESTLE GATE wrestler in SUSUMU. Their team name was Scramble Time.
He would win his first championship on November 27, 2011 when him and SUSUMU would defeat Cosmo☆Soldier & Super Taira for the Hakata Tag Team Championship. They would hold the belts and defend them a total of 3 times before they would lose them on May 6, 2012 to HANZO & Victory Shanghai.
Seiki would compete in All Japan Pro-Wrestling, with WRESTLE GATE, a few times when they would come to the Okayama, Kurashiki, and Fukuyama area. He would definitely catch the eye of his idol in Keiji Mutoh and Kaz Hayashi during his undercard matches.
Seiki would graduate from Okayama University School of Pharmacy in April of 2013 and would become a certified pharmacist. He would choose to not pursue on with his future in medicine, but his dreams of being a professional wrestler. This would definitely prove to pay off for him as HANZO contacted Kaz Hayashi about Seiki joining All Japan Pro-Wrestling full-time.
Hayashi got the word to the office and Seiki officially joined the promotion on May 1, 2013. With this also came the announcement that he would be going back under his full-name as he would began training for his official re-debut.
During this time, All Japan would be undergoing a major shift of power from Keiji Mutoh and the new owner in Nobuo Shiraishi. A split would officially occur on June 30, 2013 which would see half of the All Japan active roster as well as staff leaving the promotion. Seiki would be among them as he would follow his idol in Mutoh. Mutoh would announce the formation, or reformation, of WRESTLE-1 in July of 2013 and Seiki was announced as one of the wrestlers who were currently in training.
Following W-1’s debut show on September 8, 2013, Seiki’s re-debut match was announced to take place on September 15th in Nagoya.


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