Seiya Sanada

 photo 2012-10-07_zpsb20d7388.jpgName: 真田聖也 Seiya Sanada
生年月日 Birth date: 1988年01月28日 Jan 28, 1988
出身地 Hometown: Niigata Prefecture, Japan
身長 Height: 183cm
体重 Weight: 98kg
デビュー Debut: 2007年3月13日 March 13, 2007 w/ Ryuji Hijikata against T28 & Katsuhiko Nakajima.

THIS IS IT (Guillotine Dragon Sleeper)
Dragon Suplex
Tiger Suplex
German Suplex
Frankensteiner (Avalanche as well)
Key Lock
Abdominal Stretch
Japanese Leg Roll Clutch (or just simply leg roll clutch)
Rolling Front Clutch
Backslide Hold
Missile Dropkick
Rolling Cradle
Jumping Moonsault
Moonsault Press

GAORA TV Champion [first]
World Tag Team Champion w/ Joe Doering
All Asia Tag Team Titles [2] ([84th] w/Soya 8/29/2010 – March 21, 2011 ) ([86th] w/Soya 6/19/2011)
Samurai! TV Cup Triple Arrow Tournament Winner (w/ Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima) 5/29/2007

Career History:
Sanada became interested with Pro Wrestling while he was quite young in age, and found himself immersed with wanting to try and become one himself. In High School he was big into baseball also he was a part of the Judo Club. He would go on with Judo for 2 years and it helped him immensely when it came to the All Japan seminar that he took part in. He would pass the audition and was added to be a part of the Dojo system in late 2006.
On March 13, 2007, he would team with Ryuji Hijikata in 2007 against T28 & Katsuhiko Nakajima. Within 2 months of his debut he would win his first tournament with Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima called the Samurai! TV Cup Triple Arrow Tournament.


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