The Tiger Mask Lineage

Tiger Mask (First Generation) [Satoru Sayama]
Also known as “The Tiger”, “Super Tiger”, “Shodai Tiger Mask”, “Tiger King”, “The Mask of Tiger”
First appearance April 23, 1981 at the Kuramae Kokugikan, NJPW, against the Dynamite Kid.

On August 10, 1983, Sayama would be subject to a sudden release from his contract and would retire from the promotion.
He would then make his return in the UWF as “The Tiger”.

Tiger Mask II (Second Generation) [Mitsuharu Misawa]
Made his debut under the mask on August 26, 1984.
The only heavyweight Tiger Mask as in October of 1985 he announced that he would be taking on heavyweight competitors.

Tiger Mask III (Third Generation) [Koji Kanemoto]
Made his appearance under the mask on March 1, 1992. He made his formal debut on May 3, 1993 against Jushin Liger.

Tiger Mask IV (Forth Generation) [Yoshihiro Yamazaki]
Made his debut on July 15, 1999 in Michinoku Pro-Wrestling against The Great Sasuke.

Tiger Mask V (Fifth Generation) [Ikuhisa Minowa]
Made his debut on July 18, 2010.

Super Tiger II [Yuji Sakuragi]
2nd The Tiger [Ultimo Dragon]
Masked Tiger [Takeshi Ono]
Tiger Mask ’97 [Yoshinobu Kanemaru]
Tiger Emperor [Kotaro Suzuki]
Tigers Mask [Atsushi Maruyama]
~ Based of Hanshin Tigers Baseball Team, but is placed in the pro-wrestling lineage by default.
Bono Tiger [Akebono]
Giant Tiger Bernard [Giant Bernard/NJPW]
Mistico Tiger [Mistico/CMLL]
Tigerfuji [Naomichi Marufuji]
Tiger Shark [RJPW]

Black Tiger (First Generation) [Mark Rocco]

Black Tiger II (2nd Generation) [Eddie Guerrero]

Black Tiger III (3rd Generation) [Silver King]
Black Tiger IV (4th Generation) [Rocky Romero] also known as Black Emperor
Black Tiger V (5th Generation) [Tatsuhito Takaiwa]
Black Tiger VI (6th Generation) [Tomohiro Ishii]
Black Tiger VII (7th Generation) [NOSAWA Rongai]

Mask de Tiger [Masao Orihara]
Black Shadow (RJPW)


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