Jumbo Tsuruta

Jumbo Tsuruta
Tomomi Tsuruta 鶴田 友美 (Tsuruta Tomomi)
196cm (6’6”)
127kg (280 lbs) (at peak of his career)
March 25, 1951 from Higashiyamanashi District, Yamanashi Prefecture
Date of Death
March 13, 2000
Trained by
Giant Baba, Dory Funk Jr., Terry Funk, Lou Thesz
March 24, 1973 against El Gran Tapia in NWA Western States, Amarillo, TX.
March 6, 1999
Signature Moves
Backdrop (Backdrop Hold)
~ It can be noted that Jumbo actually got advice from Lou Thesz on how to properly execute the maneuver that would become one of his main finishers in the early 1980’s. Jumbo would even be so skilled with the Backdrop that he could turn into a Pin Hold right after slamming the opponent into the mat. Jumbo’s backdrop has been characterized as being something more like a German Suplex in the style that he throws the opponent to the mat. The move would even land him a win over Nick Bockwinkle for the AWA World Heavyweight Championship on February 22, 1984. Making Jumbo the first ever Japanese wrestler to hold the belt.
Jumbo Lariat
~ He first started using the Lariat against Terry Gordy in 1984, and is more of a smashing downward style of Lariat than a running through like you would see from Stan Hansen.
Jumping Knee Bat
~ Jumbo really took a liking to the Jumping Knee as it took advantage of his experience he gained from playing basketball in his youth. The move would become one of his signature that sometime’s followed his trademark “Oh!”.
Jumbo was also known to attempt the jumping knee from the top rope.

Flying Bodyscissors Drop (Lou Thesz Press)
~ He learned this move from Thesz himself.
~ Often noted as the “Jumbo Lift” with multiple versions with a Steep Angle Pin or a Ultra High Speed Release.
One of the famous incidents involving Jumbo’s Powerbomb, sometime called the Ganso Bomb, is when Jumbo dropped Genichiro Tenryu with a Vertical Drop Powerbomb. That move became pretty known within puroresu communities to show how brutal Japanese Pro Wrestling can be at times. Jumbo Tsuruta can be noted to saying that the move was a huge mistaken and Jumbo even told Tenryu that he was sorry for dropping him like that.

German Suplex
Double Arm Suplex
Front Suplex
Side Suplex
~ A bit of history behind Jumbo and the 4 mentioned suplexes above is that he was able to learn all 4 of these suplexes within 4 weeks as a young rookie.
Elbow Bat (Elbow Smash)
~ He learned this from Dory Funk Jr while training in the USA.
Double Chop
Ulta C Dropkick (Missle Dropkick)
Shoulder Throw
Kitchen Sink
Big Boot
~ Sometimes referred to as the Jumbo Kick.
Leg Lariat
Running Neck Breaker Drop
Torture Cobra Twist
Boston Crab
Jumbo Whip (Atomic Throw)
~ Instead of dropping the opponents tail bone on his knee, he would throw them forward at the height of the lift.
Championships and Accomplishments
Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion (3 Times) [1st, 3rd, and 8th Generation]
AWA World Heavyweight Champion [30th Champion]
International Heavyweight Champion [3 Times]
UN Heavyweight Championship [5 Times]
All Japan/PWF International Tag Team Champion (w/ Giant Baba, Genichiro Tenryu, and Yoshiaki Yatsu as his partners.)
PWF World Tag Team Champion (w/ 2nd Generation Tiger Mask, and Yoshiaki Yatsu.)
World Tag Team Champion [7 Times] (w/ Yoshiaki Yatsu (5 times),The Great Kabuki, and Akira Taue.)
NWA Championship Detroit Tag Champion (w/ Giant Baba)


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