Mohammed Yone

 photo 87d96268-ba70-4f17-9c8d-edf9c7a2460f_zpsa75909f6.jpgMohammed Yone モハメド ヨネ
Real Name
Satoru Yoneyama 米山聡
185 cm
110 kg
February 23rd, 1976 in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture Japan
Trained by
Toshiaki Kawada, Daisuke Ikeda & Yuki Ishikawa
August 18th, 1995
Signature Moves
Kinniku Buster
Diving Guillotine Leg Drop
Running Guillotine Leg Drop
Backbreaker rack
Cradle Suplex
Jumping knee strike
Roundhouse kick to a seated or standing opponent
Running arched big boot, sometimes to a cornered opponent
Single leg Boston Crab
Rolling Thunder (Flying Kneel Kick)
Yone Roll
Championships and Accomplishments
All Japan Pro Wrestling
~ January 3rd Korakuen Hall Junior Heavyweight Battle Royal (2001)
~ BattlARTS Tag Battle (1998) w/ Alexander Otsuka
Pro Wrestling Noah
~ GHC Openweight Hardcore Championship
~ GHC Tag Team Championship (3) w/ Takeshi Morishima (2) & Takeshi Rikioh
~ One Day Six Man Heavyweight Tag Team Tournament (2008) w/ Mitsuharu Misawa & Takeshi Morishima

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