Shane Haste

ShaneHasteEditシェイン・ヘイスト Shane Haste
188cm (6’2″)
100kg (220 lbs)
September 24, 1985 From Perth, Western Australia
Trained by
Davis Storm, FN Carnage
February 22, 2003
Signature Moves
Bomb Valley Death [Fireman’s Carry to Sideslam]
Jumping Powerbomb
Falcon Arrow
Jumping Top Rope Snap Hurricanrana
Corner to Corner Dropkick
Frog Splash
Cannonball Senton
Shaneing Wizard (Running Low Kick)
Championships and Accomplishments
GHC Heavyweight Tag Champion (w/ Nicholls)
EPW Championship
EPW Tag Team Championship (2 – w/ Alex Kingston, w/ Mikey Nicholls)

Twitter: @shanehaste

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