photo 02ac5501-fd8c-4bdc-8e50-07bab7c838fa_zps146310e7.jpg拳王 Kenoh (Fist King)
Real Name
Daisuke Nakae 中栄大輔 (Nakae, Daisuke)
January 1, 1985 in Tokushima, Japan.
Trained by
Jinsei Shinzanki, Michinoku Pro Dojo
March 2, 2008 in Michinoku Pro, against Alexander Otsuka.
Signature Moves
(Multiple Kick Variations)
Right High Kick
Running Knee Kick
Rolling Sobat
Back Turn Kick
Rago (Cross Arm Canadian Backbreaker to 360  Powerbomb)
Modified Camel Clutch (Multiple Variations, Primarily Double leg hook + knee to back)
Ankle Hold
Dragon Suplex
German Suplex
Falcon Arrow
Divinng Foot Stamp
Running to Corner Double Knees
Championships and Accomplishments
Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion [3 Times] 12, 15 & 17th Generation Champion
His history before pro wrestling was in Kempo, which he is a world traveled fighter and the youngest to ever hold a championship in the sport in 2003. He still practices and teaches Kemp to this day.
He debuted as a pro-wrestler in Michinoku Pro-Wrestling on March 2, 2007 against Alexander Otsuka in Tokushima, Japan.
His first appearance in NOAH was in June of 2011 at the “NTV G+ Cup Junior Tag League”. Kenoh has also been a multiple time Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Champion which he defended his belt before announcing his desire of competing in NOAH, and thus relinquishing his reign as champion.

Officially joined Pro Wrestling NOAH on March 28, 2015 along with his tag partner Hajime Ohara.
Entrance Theme Song
Theme Song: Garlic Boys – Heartbreak Mosh


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