Hajime Ohara

Hajime Ohara 大原はじめ (Ohara, Hajime)
Other Names
REY Ohara, OHARA, and Dark Dragon
July 24th, 1984 in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Trained by
Ultimo Dragon & Negro Nevarro ~ also received guidance in the Takada Dojo under Nobuhiko Takada and Kazushi Sakuraba
Part of 13th graduating class of Ultimo Dragon’s Toryumon MEXICO.
May 16, 2004 against Kanjyuro Matsuyama in Mexico
Signature Moves
Finnish Forearm (Sliding Foream Strike)
Muy Bien (Arm trap, wrench back single leg Boston crab)
John Woo (Running Front Drop Kick)
DoIt!Now (Over the Head, to Side Clutch to NeckBreaker on Knee)
Wrist Clutch style Fisherman Buster
Elbow Strike
Devil Ray (Stranglehold Rolling Cradle)
Shining Kenka Kick
Super Kick
Sliding Kick
German Suplex Hold
Reverse Gory Style Backbreaker
Championships and AccomplishmentsEmpresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre
NWA World Welterweight Champion (2)
Toryumon Mexico
NWA International Junior Heavyweight Champion
Hajime Ohara got his start by training in the Takada Dojo while in junior high school. He would receive guidance by Nobuhiko Takada and Kazushi Sakuraba. Ohara would put his training to the side as he went to the Hattori Nutrition College to receive a license as a certified cook.
Ohara would pursue pro-wrestling soon following this at it would lead him to Mexico to begin working under Ultimo Dragon. He would head to Mexico in 2003 and in 2004 he would successfully complete the camp. He would be a part of the 13th class who also included Tsutomu Osugi, Herclues Senga, Kanjyuro Matsuyama, and Kazuchika Okada. Ohara would then go on to have his debut match against Matsuyama on May 16 at the Arena Coloseo in Mexico.
In 2005 Ohara would head to the NJPW LA Dojo and would begin working with Shigeo Okumura and Ryusuke Taguchi. The trio would competed in CMLL at this time as well.
Ohara would win his first title in the NWA World Welterweight Championship at the age of 22.
Ohara would continue to work alongside his mentor in Ultimo in DRADITON and Nu-wrestling Evolution in England/Spain. Ohara would also defeat Ultimo Dragon for the NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship on December 14, 2008. Ohara would also become a regular in the short-lived HUSTLE promotion and he would compete as Rey Ohara.
Ohara would move on to become a regular in TAJIRI’s SMASH promotion in December of 2009. Ohara would align himself with Starbuck, who hailed from Finland, Fight Club Finland. Ohara and Starbuck would form an alliance that also seen Ohara working with Jessica Love.
In January of 2012 Ohara would move on to the successor promotion of SMASH in Wrestling New Classic. He would be affiliated directly with the promotion. He would remain in the promotion for a year before he would announce his resignation in January of 2013.
Ohara also announced that he would be looking for a new venture, potentially outside of pro-wrestling.

On August 24, 2013, Hajime Ohara would reappear in the pro-wrestling ring, now Pro-Wrestling Noah, after his “Maybach SUWA Jr” mask was removed revealing himself as portraying the character over the last several months. Ohara officially announced that he has been competing all along and now that he has been unmasked that going forward this will be a new beginning for his career.


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