Daisuke Harada

 photo 22418e4e-73fa-4bcb-8794-17be4b8c89d3_zpse48a0999.jpgReal Name
原田大輔 Harada, Daisuke
November 13, 1986 from Suita City, Osaka, Japan
Trained by
Osaka Pro-Wrestling Dojo
August 5, 2006 against Atsushi Kotoge.
Signature Moves
Katayama German Suplex Hold (Named after his birthplace in Katayama-cho, Suita, Osaka, Move is similar to Takayama’s Everest German and Nakanishi’s Fuji-san German)
Half-Hatch Suplex Hold
Front Suplex (also Avalanche style)
High Knee Strike
Diving Foot Stamp
Diving Elbow Drop
Elbow Bat (Strike)
Harada Pistol (Low Dropkick)
2007 Harada Journey (Tope Suicida)
Fisherman Suplex
Northern Lights Suplex
Thrown German Suplex
Championships and Accomplishments
Osaka Pro-Wrestling Championship, 23 and 25th generation champion.
Osaka Pro-Wrestling Tag Championship, 24.26.30th with Atsushi Kotoge
Osaka Tag Festival 2008 w/ Zeus
UWA World 6 Man Tag Champion, with Atsushi Kotoge & Takoyakida
2011 Osaka Pro-Wrestling Strongest Showdown Tournament Winner
Harada made his professional debut on August 5, 2006 against Atsushi Kotoge.
Joined Pro Wrestling Noah on May 2, 2013.


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