Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana コルト・カバナ
Boom Boom
Real Name
Scott Colton
May 6, 1980 from Deerfield, Illinois, USA
Trained by
Ace Steel, Danny Dominion, Kevin Quinn, Lou Thesz
June 19, 1999
Signature Moves
Billy Goat’s Curse (Reverse Boston crab)
Colt .45 (Double Underhook to Canadian Backbreaker to Kneeling Shoulder Beackbreaker)
Bionic elbow
Diving Leg Drop
Flying Asshole (Leaping hip attack to an oncoming or a cornered opponent)
Ram–Man (Missile dropkick)
Running Double Knee
Abdominal Stretch
Airplane Spin
Cabanarama (Cradle DDT)
Canadian Bacon Leaf (Inverted Cloverleaf)
Double Underhook Lock
Lake Shore Drive (Rope hung cutter)
Sitout Scoop Slam Piledriver
Snap Suplex
Springboard Moonsault

Championships and Accomplishments
All American Wrestling
AAW Heritage Champion
All Pro Wrestling
APW Worldwide Internet Champion
All-Star Championship Wrestling / NWA Wisonsin
ACW/NWA Wisconsin Heavyweight Champion
All Star Wrestling
ASW People’s Champion
Christian Wrestling Alliance
CWA Heavyweight Champion
Extreme Wrestling Federation
EWF Xtreme 8 Tournament (2004)
Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South
IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion
Insane Wrestling Federation
IWF Heavyweight Champion
International Wrestling Cartel
IWC Heavyweight Champion
IWC Super Indy Champion
Juggalo Championship Wrestling
JCW Heavyweight Champion
Landmark Wrestling Federation
LWF Heavyweight Champion
Mid-American Wrestling / NWA Mid-American Wrestling
MAW Heavyweight Champion
National Wrestling Alliance
NWA World Heavyweight Champion (2 Times)
NWA Midwest
NWA Illinois Heavyweight Champion
Ohio Valley Wrestling
OVW Television Champion
OVW Southern Tag Team Champion w/ Charles Evans and w/ Shawn Spears

One Pro Wrestling
1PW Tag Team Champion w/ Darren Burridge
Pro Wrestling WORLD-1 Great Lakes
WORLD-1 Great Lakes Openweight Champion
Revolution Championship Wrestling
RCW World Heavyweight Champion
Revolucion Lucha Libre
RLL Absolute Champion
Ring of Honor
ROH Tag Team Champion (2 times) – w/ CM Punk
Steel Domain Wrestling
SDW Television Champion
UWA Hardcore Wrestling
UWA Canadian Champion

Other titles
ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television Champion (4 times)
MCW Tag Team Champion w/ Steve Stone
MMW Heavyweight Champion
PWF Cruiserweight Champion
WC Heavyweight Champion


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