Akitoshi Saito

PhotobucketSaito, Akitoshi 齋藤彰俊
August 8, 1965 from Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Trained by
Masashi Aoyagi
December 20, 1990 against Yukihiro Kanemura (Kintaro Kanemura) in FMW.
Signature Moves
Sickle of Death (Enzuigiri to back of opponents head) aka Shinigami no Kama, Sickle of the Grim Reaper.
Death Brand (Steiner Screwdriver)
Death Punishment (Final Cut) aka the Punishment of Death.
Death Cloak
Death Yoza
Death Collector (Brainbuster Lift to Stunner)
Death Landing (Wrist Clutch Backdrop)
Death Tornado (Double Arm Clutch German Suplex)
Delayed Brainbuster
German Suplex
Kneel Kick

Championships and Accomplishments
GHC Tag Team Champion w/ Akiyama (5th Champion), w/ Bison Smith (17th Champion) & w/ Jun Akiyama (23rd Champion)
Global Tag League (2008 w/Bison Smith & 2011 w/ Jun Akiyama)

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