Shelton Benjamin

PhotobucketShelton Benjamin シェルトン・ベンジャミン
July 9th, 1975 from Orangeburg, South Carolina.
Trained by
Ohio Valley Wrestling, Amateur Background
November 2000
Signature Moves
Pay Dirt (Jumping Complete Shot)
T-Bone Suplex (Sometimes with a float-over to Pin)
Super Kick
Dragon Whip (Leg Capture Counter Spin Kick)
Diving Clothesline
Springboard Blockbuster
Springboard Bulldog
Cobra Clutch Backbreaker
Northern Lights Suplex
Belly to Belly Suplex
German Suplex
Over the Shoulder Hammerlock Powerslam
Running Corner Body Press (Stinger Splash)
Flying Inverted Bulldog
PhotobucketChampionships and Accomplishments
Ohio Valley Wrestling
OVW Southern Tag Team Championship (4) w/ Brock Lesnar (3) & Redd Dogg
Millennium Wrestling Federation
MWF Heavyweight Championship (1)
Ring of Honor
ROH World Tag Team Championship (2) w/ Charlie Haas
World Wrestling Council
WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion
World Wrestling Entertainment
WWE Intercontinental Champion (3)
WWE Tag Team Champion (2) w/ Charlie Haas
WWE United States Champion


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