Rocky Romero

PhotobucketRocky Romero ロッキー・ロメロ
Black Tiger IV, Grey Shadow, Mr. Azucar, Tornado Azteca
Real Name
John R. Rivera
October 28th, 1982 from Havana, Cuba
Trained by
New Japan LA Dojo, Antonio Inoki, Shinya (Togi) Makabe, Kevin Quinn, Jesse Hernandez, Bill Anderson, Negro Casas
September 1997
Signature Moves
Diablo Armbar (Flying Armbar)
Kurayami Noten Otoshi (Darkness Crown Drop) Modified Tombstone Piledriver
Tiger Suplex
Tornado DDT
Romero Special
Octopus Hold
High Knee Strike
Diving Knee
Roundouse Kick
Contract Killer (Davey Richards holds the opponent in an Argentine Backbreaker and Romero hits them with a diving knee)
Championships and Accomplishments
New Japan Pro Wrestling
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion (2 times) w/ Davey Richards
Toryumon MEXICO
Young Dragons Cup Tournament (2004)
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
CMLL World Super Lightweight Champion (3 times)
Empire Wrestling Federation
EWF Tag Team Champion (5 times) – w/ Ricky Reyes
International Wrestling Council
IWC Tag Team Champion
Millennium Pro Wrestling
MPW Tag Team Championship w/ Ricky Reyes
National Wrestling Alliance
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion
Ring of Honor
ROH World Tag Team Champion (2 times) w/ Ricky Reyes and w/ Davey Richards
Trios Tournament (2005) w/ Ricky Reyes and Homicide
Ultimate Pro Wrestling
UPW Tag Team Champion w/ Ricky Reyes


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