Low Ki

Kaval [WWE], Senshi [TNA]
Real Name
Brandon Silvestry
173 cm (5’8”)
77kg (170lbs)
September 6, 1979 from Brooklyn, New York.
Trained by
Homicide & Jim Kettner
October 10, 1988 in Jersey All Pro Wrestling.
Signature Moves
Warriors Way (Diving Foot Stomper
Ki Krusher ’99 (Fisherman’s Suplex Lift to Sitout Driver)
Dragon Clutch (Modified Dragon Sleeper)
Ki Splash (Phoenix Splash)
Black Magic (Shining Wizard attempt to Reverse Roundhouse Kick)
Tidal Wave (Springboard Roundhouse Kick)
Tidal Crush (Cartwheel Roundhouse Kick)
Rolling Wheel Kick
Mongolian Chop
Trapped Armbar (Hanging off Ropes Arm Lock)
Bite of the Dragon (Hanging from Ropes Guillotine Scissors Inverted Facelock)
Final Four (Elevated Cloverleaf)
Championships and Accomplishments
East Coast Wrestling Association
ECWA Tag Team Championship (2 times) – w/ American Dragon and Xavier
Super 8 Tournament (2001)
Florida Championship Wrestling
FCW Florida Tag Team Championship – w/ Michael McGillicutty
Future of Wrestling
FOW Heavyweight Championship
Future Wrestling Alliance
FWA Heavyweight Championship
Impact Championship Wrestling
ICW Championship
Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South
Ted Petty Invitational (2006)
International Wrestling Cartel
IWC Super Indies Championship
Jersey All Pro Wrestling
JAPW Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship
Jersey Championship Wrestling
JCW Championship
JCW Tag Team Championship – w/ Mafia
Long Island Wrestling Federation
LIWF Light Heavyweight Championship
Millennium Wrestling Federation
MWF Heavyweight Championship
New Japan Pro Wrestling
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
Pro Wrestling Zero1
NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Championship – w/ Leonardo Spanky
NWA/UPW/ZERO-ONE International Junior Heavyweight Championship
Premiere Wrestling Federation
PWF Heavyweight Championship
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
PWG World Championship
Battle of Los Angeles (2008)
Pro Wrestling WORLD-1
WORLD-1 Openweight Championship
Ring of Honor
ROH World Championship
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
NWA World Tag Team Championship (3 times) – w/ Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper
TNA X Division Championship (2 times)
USA Pro Wrestling
UXA Pro Tag Team Championship – w/ Xavier
World Wrestling Entertainment
NXT (Season two Winner)
World Xtreme Wrestling
WXW Cruiserweight Championship
Other titles
ICW (New Jersey) Heavyweight Championship
MCW (Illinois) Tag Team Championship – w/ Airborne


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