AJ Styles

 photo o0300040012931148170_zpsfc0945a0.jpgAJスタイルズ
The Phenomenal One
Real Name
Allen Neal Jones アレン・ジョーンズ
June 2, 1978 from Gainesville, Georgia, USA
Trained by
Rick Michaels, NCW/ National Championship Wrestling
1998 in NCW
Signature Moves
Styles Clash
Spiral Tap
Phenomenon DDT
Bloody Sunday (Taken from Prince Devitt)
Torture Rack Bomb
Styles Buster
Styles Suplex Special
Shooting Star Press
Calf Killer
Pele Kick
Superman Splash (Swandive 450 Splash)
Swan-dive Flying Forearm
Argentine Backbreaker
Vertical Fall style Brainbuster
Tope con hilop
Championships and Accomplishments
IWGP Heavyweight Champion
NWA World Heavyweight Champion (3 Times)
NWA World Tag Champion (4 Times)
TNA X Division Champion (6 Times)
TNA Legends/ TV Champion (2 Times)
TNA World Heavyweight Champion (2 Times)
TNA World Tag Champion (2 Times)

ROH Pure Wrestling Champion
ROH Tag Champion

IWA Mid-South Champion
NWA Wild Side Heavyweight Champion
NWA Wild Side TV Champion
WWA International Cruiserweight Champion
IPW Heavyweight Champion
Competed in WCW in 2001 and moved to the WWE after they bought out WCW.
Styles would not stay under contract with the WWE and would then move on to the recently then starting Total Nonstop Action.

He would make his first appearance in Japan in 2003 as he and Low Ki competed in Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE. He would also make an appearance in the Wrestle-1 GRAND PRIX 2005 taking on Kaz Hayashi.

In 2008, Styles would make his first appearance in NJPW in January of 2008 in that years Tokyo Dome show in tag match with Christian Cage and Petey Williams against Minoru, Milano Collection AT and Prince Devitt. In February of 2008, Styles would face Hiroshi Tanahashi stemming from their first encounter in 2006 in TNA. Following the match they would stand 1-1 against each other.

Styles would make his shocking return to NJPW on April 6, 2014 as he attacked the then IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada from behind. Styles would then be setup for Okada’s next challenger. Styles would align himself in the heel faction BULLET CLUB.
On May 3, 2014 Styles would become the 60th generation IWGP Heavyweight Champion after defeated Okada. This would also make him the 6th foreigner in history to hold the IWGP Heavyweight belt, and the first in 9 years. The last being Brock Lesnar in 2005.
Styles would then be announced as of the competitors 2014’s G1 CLIMAX tournament.


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