Move Database: Arm Strike

[逆水平チョップ – Gyaku Suihei Chop – Reverse Horizontal Chop / Knife Edge Chop]
~ Chop to the chest, sometimes to the neck and throat.
Notable Users: Giant Baba, Genichiro Tenryu, Kenta Kobashi, Kensuke Sasaki, Toshiaki Kawada, Go Shiozaki, Yuji Hino

[袈裟斬りチョップ Kesagiri Chop – Karate Chop – Carotid Artery Chop]
~ Overhead Chop, almost as if swinging a sword.
Notable users: Rikidozan, Shinya Hashimoto, Kenta Kobashi, Shinjiro Otani, Togi Makabe

[脳天唐竹割り Noten Karatakewari – Brain Chop – Head Chop]
Notable users: Giant Baba, Akira Taue

[耳削ぎチョップ  Mimi Sogi Chop – Chop to Ear]
Notable users: Giant Baba, Kenta Kobashi

[ローリング逆水平チョップ Rolling Kesagiri Chop – Rolling Knife Edge Chop]
Notable users: Kenta Kobashi

[ギロチンチョップ Guillotine Chop]
~ Vertical swing down chop to the neck.
Notable users: Kenta Kobashi

[燕返し Tsubamegaeshi]
~ Rolling horizontal backhand blow/chop.
Notable users: Shinya Hashimoto

[モンゴリアンチョップ Mongolian Chop]
~ Double overhead swinging chops to the neck/shoulders.
Notable users: Killer Khan, Hiroyoshi Tenzan

[マシンガン袈裟斬りチョップ Machine Gun Kesagiri Chop]
~ Repeated in succession chops.
Notable users:  Kenta Kobashi

[ブレイジングチョップ Blazing Chop]
~ Two handed kesagiri chop.
Notable users:  Kenta Kobashi

[張り手 Harite]
~ Palm slap to the face.
~ A standard move in Japanese wrestling as closed-fist punches are frowned upon. Slaps to the face tend to lead to back and forth exchanges between the wrestlers involved.

[掌底 Shotei – Palm Bottom]
~ Bottom of the palm thrust to the face.
Notable users:  Jushin Thunder Liger

【ローリング掌底 Rolling Shotei】
~ Rolling palm bottom.
Notable users:  Masahiko Kakihara

【突っ張り Tsuppari】
~ Straight palm thrust / smack. Sumo style manuever.
Notable users:  Akebono, Genichiro Tenryu, Tadao Yasuda, Takeshi Rikio

[裏拳 Uraken – Back-fist]
~ Back hand blow. Strike with the back of the fist.
Notable users:  Masayuki Naruse, Yutaka Yoshie

[ローリング裏拳 Rolling Uraken]
~ Rolling back-fist.
Notable users:  Masayuki Naruse, Yutaka Yoshie, Aja Kong, Mayumi Ozaki

【クレイジーサイクロン Crazy Cyclone】
~ Masayuki Naruse’s own style of the Uraken.
~ High-speed rolling back-palm strike.

[エルボーパッド Elbow Pad]
~ Elbow strike to the head/neck.
~ Another standard move in Japan. Mitsuharu Misawa used it a standard trademark of his, but many wrestlers will use the move in a daily match.

[エルボースマッシュ Elbow Smash] (European style elbow)
~ Elbow to straight to the jaw.

[バックエルボー Back Elbow (Misawa style)]
~ one rotation, normally clockwise, back-elbow strike. Same vein as the back-fist, but with the back of upper part of the elbow.

[ローリングエルボー Rolling Elbow]
~ Complete rotation to an elbow strike.
Notable users:  Mitsuharu Misawa, Masato Tanaka, Satoshi Kojima

[フライングフォーアーム Flying Forearm]
~ Running forearm strike.
Notable users:  Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tetsuya Naito

[背面エルボー(バックエルボー) Back Elbow]
~ Sometimes delivered as a counter to a running opponent when the back is turned. Or when running at the opponent in the corner.

【スペースローリングエルボー Space Rolling Elbow】
~ Cartwheel to back elbow strike
Notable users:  Keiji Mutoh

[ハンドスプリングエルボー Handspring Elbow]
~ Recoil off of the ropes to jumping back elbow.
Notable users:  TAJIRI, KUSHIDA

[スレッジハンマー Sledgehammer]
~ Double swing down-fists.

【地獄突き Jigoku-tsuki – Hell Butt】
~ Fingertips strike to the throat.

[ゴールデンレフト Golden Left]
~ KO punch to the gut.
Notable users:  Mike Barton

[ベイダーハンマー Vader Hammer]
~ Side swinging punch.
Notable users:  Big Van Vader

[ナックルパート Knuckle Part]
~ Straight punch.

[ナックルアロー Knuckle Arrow]
~ Grappling with a barrage of punches.

[グーパンチ Goo Punch]
~ Punch to the chin/cheek.
Notable users:  Genichiro Tenryu

[ロシアンフック Russian Hook]
~ Hook punch to the chin.

[アッパーブロー Upper Blow]
~ Swining up punch to the jaw.

[フライングクロスチョップ Flying Cross Chop]
~ Running Jump double chop.
Notable users:  Tiger Mask

[ビーナス Venus]
~ Jumping up double palm strike.
Notable users:  CIMA


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