Move Database

Strike Style Arm Strike Leg
Lariat Style Other
 Down Strike Style
Throw Style Suplex #1  Suplex #2 Backdrop Style  Powerbomb Style
 … DDT Style  Driver Style Face Crush
Brainbuster style
 … Slam Style Breaker Style  STO Style  Other Style
Corner Style Opp. Down Opp. Standing
Submission Style Joint Chokehold  Other
Special Jump Outside Other Foul

Jun Akiyama
Akiyama Clutch (Champion Carnival ’99, Exploder position to pinfall maneuver)
Exploder ’98
Exstomach Crusher
Ground Front Neck Lock
Kanguku (Prison) Style Front Neck Lock
Gotch style Tombstone Piledriver
Sterness Dust α (alpha)
Sterness Dust γ (gamma) – (December ’05, )
Modified Sterness Dust
King Crab Lock
Blue Thunder (Backdrop lift to sitout powerbomb)
Neck and Arm Bridge
Modified Neck and Arm Bridge
Reverse Calf Branding


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