Kenji Fukimoto

Kenji FukimotoReal Name
吹本賢児 Fukimoto, Kenji
August 15th 1978 Sakai, Osaka, Japan
Trained by
Masanobu Kurisu
January 28th 1998 vs ?? Osaka Prefectural, Kadoma Sports Center Kawabata Arawa-sen
Signature Moves
Thunder Fire Bomb

Championships and Accomplishments

Fukimoto has worked in various promotions in Japan and America. He has had stints in CHIKARA, IWA East Coast, IWA Mid South, and El Dorado.

He first came into attention in Japan as the top star of FU*CK (Fighting Ultimate Crazy Kings) where he worked a hardcore style.
As of 2012 onward Fukimoto has found himself affiliated with FREEDOMS as a mid level star despite usually falling on the losing end of matches.

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