HIROKI, formerly Hi69
Real Name
Hiroki Tanabe 田辺裕喜
December 13, 1981 from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture
Trained by
TAKA Michinoku
November 19, 2000 in Michinoku Pro.
Signature Moves
Maharaja (Jumping Death Valley Bomb)
Trance Rave (Running Driving Low Knee)
Super Dance (Swan-dive Moonsault)
Super Dance II (Twisting Moonsault)
Hirokick (Superkick)
Championships and Accomplishments
UWA World Middleweight Champion [35th]
Independent World Junior Heavyweight Champion [16th] (15 defenses)
Hiroki got his start in Puerto Rico and would a part of the first graduating class of TAKA Michinoku’s KAIENTAI DOJO. He would make his debut as Hi69 (hi-ro-ki) in Puerto Rico against Yasu Urano.

On July 3, 2004 Hi69 would win the first ever “STRONGEST-K TOUR FINAL” to become the first ever CHAMPION OF STRONGEST-K after he defeated Kengo Mashimo.

Hi69 would resign from K-DOJO on April 5, 2006 as he would move on to Kintaro Kanemura’s Apache Army. He would begin working with Takashi Sasaki as well in the process.

On October 11, 2007, Hi69 would suffer a career threatening injury against Tomohiro Ishii at New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s LOCK UP show. Hi69 would land awkwardly from a Powerbomb/Frankensteiner attempt and he would suffer a fracture as well as a dislocation to his thoracic vertebrae. After undergoing an expensive medical procedure Hi69 would begin recuperate and begin rehab.

Hiroki would make his official announcement of his return to the ring on February 14, 2010. He stated that he would look to compete in both K-DOJO and FREEDOMS going forward. He also stated that he would like to be known as HIROKI, instead of Hi69. His return match would be held on April 6 for K-DOJO and FREEDOMS on the same day. On May 26, HIROKI would have a revenge match against Tomohiro Ishii, but would suffer defeat.


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