Daisuke Masaoka

 photo d11595c9-0de7-43d7-8b03-d6be20d4c4d7_zps7bf3bedf.jpgReal Name
Daisuke Masaoka 正岡大介 (Masaoka, Daisuke)
October 10, 2983 from Fukuoka, Japan
Trained by
Tokai Dojo … later on HIROKI
November 7, 2004 in Tokai Wrestling
Signature Moves
Moonsault Press
La Quebrada
Trance Rave
Championships and Accomplishments
DEP Openweight Tag Champion (w/ Kenta Kosugi)
Made his debut on November 7, 2004 in Tokai Wrestling.
Joined DEP, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, in June of 2006.

Retired from active competition in December of 2010, but made his return 2 years later in December of 2013. He has since competed in FREEDOMS, VKF, K-DOJO, and more primarily in Dontonbori.

On January 8, 2014 he officially joined FREEDOMS, and still remained as an active competitor in Dotonbori as well.

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