Masaaki Mochizuki

 photo 566730f0-3230-43e6-a1c0-9042628a78c6_zps0e8ff274.jpgReal Name
望月成晃 Mochizuki, Masaaki
January 17, 1970 in Koto, Tokyo, Japan
Trained by
Koji Kitao (Buko Dojo -Bukodojiyou)
January 21, 1994 against Taz in WAR.
Signature Moves
Sankakugiri /Sankakutobi Enzuigiri (Triangle Kick / Top rope ascend spring back enzuigiri)
Nikakugiri (second rope jump kick)
Ikkakugiri (Corner kick)
Twister (Spinning/Rotate style Brainbuster – adpapted from Ricky Fuji)
Twister II (Brainbuster lift to the style of a Michinoku Driver II)
Ura-Twister (Reverse Twister)
Saikyo High Kick (Strongest High Kick / left high kick) S
hin Saikyo High Kick (New Strongest High Kick / right high kick)
Saikyo Gyakujuji (Strongest Reverse Cross / cross armbar, adapted from Nobuhiko Takada)
Masa Special (Illusion kara no Tobitsuki style Udehishigi Gyakujujigatame)
Super Fight Kick (Running Jump Kick)
Illusion (faint left kick to right high kick)
Bukodojiyou-gatame (hammerlock to leg lock to arm lock)
Fukki Clutch (Return Clutch / Gedo Clutch) Soccer ball Kick (Running Kick to spine)
Tope Masaaki (no touch dive over the top rope)
Dragon Suplex Hold
Championships and Accomplishments
Open The Dream Gate Champion (2nd (4 defenses) & 13th (6 defenses))
Open The Twin Gate Unified Tag Champion (w/ Don Fujii, 15th & 23rd)
Open The Triangle Gate Champion (16, 21, 25, 41 & 43 generation champion)
Open The Owarai Gate champion
IJ Tag Champion (w/ Don Fuji, 12th champions)
KING OF GATE 2006 Winner
International Junior Heavyweight Champion
FIP Champion
10th IJ / International Junior Champion (5 successful defenses)
15th IJ Tag Champion (w/ Cho-den senshi Battlenger)
Toryumon JAPAN
British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Champion
ZERO1-MAX International Junior Heavyweight Champion
Osaka Pro-Wrestling Tag Champion (2/ Don Fujii)
Mochizuki’s background is in Karate which he still uses to this day as a professional wrestler. He got his start under Koji Kitao in the Buko Dojo in 1993 and moved on to compete in BattlARTS and even Michinoku Pro early on in his career.


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