photo 2e11cbd6-b6d5-4402-a8c1-7ee15a37ea62_zpse7ff0ae0.jpgReal Name
Yohei Fujita 藤田 洋平 (Fujita, Yohei)
February 6, 1988 from Yabu city, Hyogo Prefecture
Trained by
CIMA (Dragon Gate), FUNAKI (Sho Funaki)
December 22, 2008 in DRAGON GATE NEX
Signature Moves
High Fly Moonsault Press
Sasuke Special I
Bamboo Dragonfly (Corkscrew Press)
Championships and Accomplishments

Yohei’s background is in Kung Fu, baseball, soccer, and Judo back in his school days. He is also a graduate of the Human Academy Sports College and holds a license to be a sports instructor.

In 2009, an animal abuse scandal was causing an uproar in DRAGON GATE. Yohei was one of the accused and was put on an indefinite disciplinary measure. Yohei announced his retirement from pro-wrestling due to the issues that were surrounding the whole situation.

Yohei would move to the USA om 2011 for a short sting in the Fu-Dojo which is run by Sho Funaki, FUNAKI. His goal was to earn a chance to compete in the WWE, though he was unsuccessful at that time. He would then return to Japan, now going by the name YO-HEY, and received a tryout match in SMASH which he successful passed.

In 2013 he has been actively competing in Dotonbori Pro-Wrestling and is apart of the Sky Express faction.


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