Ultraman Robin

 photo 865434f7-ad1b-42e4-9f27-b05142023a9b_zpsa6be6c41.jpgウルトラマンロビン
Real Name
Atsushi Rikio 尾内淳
160cm (152cm)
February 15, 1965 in the M78 Nebula
Trained by
March 15, 1990 in All-Star Wrestling, UK
Signature Moves
Ultra Destiny
Ultra Converter
Ultra Dynamite
Championships and Accomplishments
IWA World Middle Heavyweight Champion
Iron Man Heavy Metal Champion
Rikio got his start training and competing in All-Star Wrestling in the UK and would make his debut there on March 15, 1990.
He would make his return to Japan and would become a freelance wrestler in FMW. He would dawn a mask and began working as “Ultraman Robin”.
On October 8, 1994 he would help form the Specialist Global Wrestling and would become their main representative and ace.

In June of 2013 he would work for Kuuga’s self-produced show and would move on to compete in Dotonbori Pro-Wrestling semi-regularly as well.


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