photo shingen_big_zps6a4f390a.jpg玄海 Shingen
秀吉 Hideyoshi
Real Name
川内 大裕 Tomii Kawauchi
February 8, 1977 in Fukuoka, Japan
Trained by
Pro-Wrestling Kageki
October 25, 1998 in Kageki.
Re-debut in April 2005 as Hideyoshi.
Signature Moves
Rakujo (Lift-up facebuster)
Honojo (Oklahoma Stampede Lift to Side Slam)
Hell (F5)
Beheaded (Punt Kick)
Katanagari (Cobra Clutch style Camel Clutch)
Katanagari Kai (Cobra Clutch style STF)
Zero style Katanagari (Guillotine style)
Hammer (Modified Alabama Slam)
Itsumo no yatsu (series of short range lariats)
Jackhammer (Vertical Suplex to Powerslam)
Spear Hammer (Spear Tackle)
Championships and Accomplishments
Osaka Pro-Wrestling Champion (14th generation)
Osaka Pro-Wrestling Tag Champion (14th w/ Billiken Kid… 11th, 16th, and 23rd w/ Masamune)

On March 30, 2013, Hideyoshi ended his free participation agreement with Osaka Pro. He would then appeared at Kuuga’s self-produced show in June of 2013.

Re-appeared in Kyushu Pro-Wrestling as Shingen in July of 2013. He would also win the Kyushu Championship and would become an affiliated member of the promotion.


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