photo 535e0398-2ad1-4e1a-90ca-4f436eb26cb5_zps77253944.jpg政宗 Masamune
Real Name
Mitsuru Sakashita 坂下 充 (Sakashita, Mitsuru)
April 16, 1974 from Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture… Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture
Trained by
April 1999
Signature Moves
Raikiri (Run from the back Asai DDT/Reverse DDT)
Dojikiri (Cross-Arm style Asai DDT/Reverse DDT)
Zenkubi (modified facebuster)
Hebiyagura (Reverse Viper Hold)
Honebami (Ankle Hold)
Championships and Accomplishments
San Juan Trio Tag Champion
Osaka Pro-Wrestling Tag Champion (11th, 16th, and 23rd w/ Hideyoshi)
Masamune got his start in amateur wrestling during his school day.
In 1998, he would travel to Mexico to study under Lizmark. He earn his license as a professional wrestling in only 3 months. He would make his debut as Dragon Julia, Julia del Dragon, in April of 1999 in a 6 man tag match in Mexico City. In 2000 Masamune would become affiliated under AAA.

In 2001, he would make his return to Japan and began competing in Pro-Wrestling Kageki under the name “MASAMUNE” in Nagoya, Japan. He would compete in multiple promotions throughout Japan, and in 2002 he would begin competing in Osaka Pro-Wrestling more frequently as a freelance wrestler.

On November 3, 2009, Masamune held his 10th anniversary as a professional wrestler in Hachinoke, Aomori, Japan.

On April 29, 2013, Masamune ended his exclusive freelance contract with Osaka Pro and then moved over to Dotonbori with Kuuga.


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