Magnitude Kishiwada

Magnitude Kishiwada
マグニチュード岸和田 Magnitude Kishiwada
Real Name
藤田 豊成 Fujita, Hosei
Kishiwada Osaka Prefecture Japan
Trained by
Mr. Pogo
Super Delfín
March 6th 1993
vs Masahiko Takasugi (AKA modern day Ultra 7)
Signature Moves
Last Ride Powerbomb
Diving Bodypress
Mandriller (Fisherman Buster)
Dragon Suplex
Fire Thunder Driver
Vert Brainbuster
Standing Moonsault
German Suplex
Prawn Hold
Championships and Accomplishments
Osaka Pro Wrestling
Osaka Pro Wrestling Championship (9th generation Champion)
Osaka Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship x2
–with Takehiro Murahama as Kaiju Zeta Mandora (3rd Generation Champions)
-with Daio QUALLT (5th Generation Champions)
Tenno-zan 2002, 2003, 2004
Dragon Gate
Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Championship (3rd Generation Champion)
Dragon Gate Open the Triangle Gate Championship x5
-Blood Generation (5th Generation Champions)
CIMA, Magnitude Kishiwada & Masato Yoshino
-Muscle Outlaw’z (12th Generation Champions)
Naruki Doi, Gamma & Magnitude Kishiwada
-Muscle Outlaw’z (15th Generation Champions)
Naruki Doi , Magnitude Kishiwada & Masato Yoshino
-Zetsurins (21st Generation Champions)
Masaaki Mochizuki,Don Fujii and Magnitude Kishiwada
-Kaettekita Veteran-gun (37th Generation Champions)
Gamma, HUB and Magnitude Kishiwada

As a high school student Fujita studied with forms of gymnastics, MMA and Powerlifting. He broke into wrestling working shooto matches with Shinkakuto Pro. He also had a brief run in Tokyo Pro Wrestling. Later going by simply Toryu he found himself working FMW and W*ING where in he teamed with Mr.Pogo for a short time. During his FMW stint he worked the undercard and had little note.

His big break came in 1999 with Osaka Pro Wrestling where he debuted as Kaiju Zeta Mandora. Working a mix of comedy and traditional style he was featured typically on the winning side of matches, losing only to established stars. in 2002 he began his perhaps most famous run when he turned heel and rebranded himself as Big Boss MA-G-MA. As MA-G-MA he would reign as Osaka Pro’s top heel for the better part of a 2 year run. During which he would even compete in NJPW’s Best Of The Super Junior XI League despite a bout with heart disease.

In 2005 he found himself on the outs of a Osaka Pro power struggle and jumped to Dragon Gate. Debuting as simply MA-G-MA he joined CIMA’s Blood Generation faction and renamed himself Magnitude Kishiwada. Kishiwada ended Masaaki Mochizuki’s 11 month reign as Open the Dream Gate Champion becoming the first non home grown talent to hold said title. In 2006 a serious shoulder injury ended his reign as Ryo Saito took the Open the Dream Gate Championship. While Magnitude would sit out to heal his old partner/rival Gamma joined Blood Generation in his place. This would cause the stable to split with CIMA’s babyface group and Gamma’s Heel group. The heels would win the rights to the group name but decided to discard Blood Generation in favor of the group title Muscle Outlaw’z. Kishiwada on his return would side with Muscle Outlaw’z. He would never reach the same level as his initial run and in 2007 he joined Global Professional Wrestling Alliance as a freelance member. Soon he began to appear in various promotions on a much lighter schedule while still the occasional Dragon Gate event.

2008 and onward he has appeared in Kensuke Office/Diamond Ring, El Dorado, KAGEKI, Big Japan, NOAH, FREEDOMS, Apache Pro, ZERO-1 and even a return to Osaka Pro.

As of recent note he has aligned himself with fellow Osaka Pro alumni’s in Dotonbori wrestling.


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