photo a97026a7-e914-4830-b642-48a59f7e60aa_zps37a50a27.jpg空牙 Kuuga
アジアン・クーガー Asian Cooger
バンクーバー・クーガー Vancouver Cooger
Real Name
Koji Nishimoto 西本 浩司 (Nishimoto, Koji)
Aridagawa, Wakayama Prefecture
Trained by
Universal Pro-Wrestling Dojo, SPWF Dojo
October 13, 1995 in SPWF (w/ Asian Conder vs. Hosei Fujita and Masamitsu Takatomu)
Signature Moves
Tower Stamp
Sky Canal
Tope con Hilo
Guillotine Drop
Tope Atomiko
Cooger Lock #1, #2, #3, #4
U Turnbull Docking
Face/Kamen Stamp
Tsuba kogeki (spit attack)
Full Swing Joker
Championships and Accomplishments
Mammoth Flea Market Champion
Independent Cruiserweight
Iron Man Heavy Metal Champion, 53 & 54th generation
NWA Canadian Light-Heavyweight
IWA World Junior Tag
MWF certification World Junior Heavyweight
Osaka Pro-Wrestling Champion (20th)
Osaka Pro-Wrestling Tag Champion (19 w/ Tsubasa, 21 w/ Great Sasuke, 27 w/ Orochi, and 31 w/ HAYATA generation)
Nishimoto got his start as a trainee under the Universal Pro-Wrestling, but the promotion fell under before he could make his professional debut.
He would make his debut 4 years later in October of 1995 in the SPWF. He would become a masked wrestler as the Asian Cooger and would team with Asian Condor as they took on Hosei Fujita and Masamitsu Takatomu.

He would join Osaka Pro-Wrestling in October of 2006. He would soon following join the Billiken Kid’s heel faction Vendaval. He would remain in the group unti April 22, 2007 when he would align himself with the regular/main Osaka Pro wrestlers.

In 2010, Cooger would announce the formation of his own heel unit in “JOKER”. He would announce his name to be changed to Kuuga, and he be joined with Orochi and The Bodyguard.

He formally announced his resignation from Osaka Pro-Wrestling on April 29, 2013. He would be joined by a couple other wrestlers as well. On June 15, Kuuga would hold his own show at the former Minami Move on Arena in Osaka, Japan. Osaka Pro’s former arena.

On June 23, 2013, Kuuga announced that he would be raising a new promotion under the “Dotonbori Entertainment System”. Dotonbori Pro-Wrestling would then become the official name of the promotion on September 1, 2013.


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