photo ab41d58f-08dd-4af5-bac1-86f286ca953b_zpsc58eb5bc.jpgReal Name
Yohei Hayata 隼田 陽平 (Hayata, Yohei)
August, 4, 1987 from Kumanomachi, Hiroshima Prefecture
Trained by
Wrestle Gate, HANZO
2006 in Wrestle Gate
Signature Moves
Moonsault Press
Handspring Kick
Todekku (Low Altitude Frankensteiner)

Championships and Accomplishments
Osaka Pro Tag Championship (31st generation w/ Kuuga, 32nd generation w/ Tadasuke)
Hayata got his start in Amateur wrestling and Basketball, and would find himself working under HANZO in Wrestle Gate.

HAYATA left Wrestle Gate in April of 2010 and soon moved over to Osaka Pro-Wrestling. He would then join the JOKER heel unit in September.

On October 31, 2011 HAYATA would win his very first championship on his first challenge after he and Kuuga defeated Atsushi Kotoge & Daisuke Harada for the Osaka Pro Tag belts.

HAYATA would leave Osaka in April of 2013 and would join Kuuga in the formation of Dotonbori. In Dotonbori he would help form the face unit in Sky Express.


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