Sanshiro Takagi

PhotobucketSanshiro Takagi 高木三四郎
January 13, 1970 from Osaka, Japan
Trained by
IWA Japan
February 16, 1995 against Masahiko Kochi in Pro Wrestling Crusaders.
Signature Moves
Stone Cold Stunner
Sanshiro Stunner
Sanshiro Stunner 2000 (Double Arm Facbuster)
Sanshiro Bottom (Single Arm Side Slam)
Sanshiro Dust (Dragon Sleeper to Stunner)
Sanshilock (Crossface Cobra Clutch)
Dangerous Dragon Sleeper Takagi
Texas Clothesline
Sanshiro’s line
McEnroe (Swinging Lariat to the back of the knee)
Clothesline from Heaven (Diving line to seated opponent)
Thunder Fire Powerbomb
Texas Cloverhold
Final Answer? (Piggyback Stunner)
Sit Down Sunflower Bomb [SHB]
Death Valley Driver
PhotobucketChampionships and Accomplishments
KO-D Open-weight Champion : 5 times (4, 10, 12, 20, 27)
DDT EXTREME Champion (7th)
KO-D Tag Team Champion, 3 times (8, 14 & 31)
Iron Man Heavy Metal Champion: 7 times (
Hirokoji Jiyugaoka 6 man tag team: 2 times (first & second generation)
Partners HERO! & Etsuko Mita → Poison Sawada JULIE & Jun Inomata .
Barbed Wire Street Fight World 6 man tag team Champion

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