Masa Takanashi

Masa Takanashi マサ高梨
January 22, 1983 in Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Trained by
DDT, some time in Toryumon Mexico Dojo
September 14, 2003
Signature Moves
Knee Kick
Rolling Senton
Lightining Leg Lariat
Rounding Cradle
Championships & Accomplishments
KO-D Openweight Championship (40th Generation)
CMLL Certified KO-D Tag Team (23rd Generation w/ Morohashi)
Iron Man Heavyweight Champion (257th ,267th, 838th Generation)
DDT Extreme Champion (6th)
JET World Class Championship (2nd generation)
GAY Sex World Class Championship (4th generation)
DJ Nira World Heavyweight Championship (original)
World Class Championship (original)
UWA 6 Man World Tag Team Champion (w/ Dino & Sato)

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