Davey Boy Smith Jr.

 photo c8e899fe-3779-44e3-a5a1-dde8a152acca_zps136da20f.jpgReal Name
Harry Smith
Ring Names
David Hart Smith
DH Smith
Bulldog Hart
196cm (6’5”)
120kg (265lbs)
August 2, 1986 from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Trained by
Davey Boy Smith (father), Bruce Hart, Chris Benoit, Billy Robinson
2000 in Canada.
Signature Moves
Bulldog Bomb (Sit-down Powerbomb)
Running Power Slam (father’s finisher)
German Suplex
Tiger Suplex
Northern Lights Suplex
Backdrop (Saito Suplex)
Camel Clutch
Big Boot
Jumping Knee Bat
Championships and Accomplishments
NJPW IWGP Tag Team Champion (w/ Lance Archer) 61st and 63rd generation champions

NWA World Tag Team Champion (w/ Lance Archer)

WWE Tag Team Champion (w/ Tyson Kidd)
WWE World Tag Team Champion (w/ Tyson Kidd)
FCW Southern Heavyweight Champion
FCW Florida Tag Team Champion (w/ TJ Wilson)

Ring Ka King Tag Team Champion (Chavo Guerrero Jr.)

Son of the late British Bulldog. Got his start in Stampede Wrestling in Calgary in 2000.

Smith would make his debut in Japan and NJPW in early 2005 as he competed in the promotion as the “Black Assassin” as well as Harley “Bulldog” Smith in Masahiro Chono’s Black New Japan group.

Compete in the WWE and developmental territory from 2006 to the Summer of 2011 before he was released from his contract.

Soon after his release he would once more head back to Japan as he would compete in Antonio Inoki’s IGF promotion on August 27, 2011 under his real name Harry Smith.
A year later in August of 2012, Smith would make his return to New Japan Pro Wrestling and be aligned in Minoru Suzuki’s Suzuki-gun faction along with Lance Archer. The two would go on to form the “Killer Elite Squad”, or KES for short, and go on to multiple time IWGP Tag Team Champions.


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