Yuko Miyamoto

 photo e17f603f-cf4e-4fb5-a39e-64ec36fde43a_zpsa3234068.jpgReal Name
宮本裕向 Miyamoto, Yuko
Suicidal Yankee
May 25, 1982 from Yoshiwa, Saeki, Hiroshima, Japan
Trained by
Mammoth Sasaki (sparing partner)
August 2, 2003 against Mineo Fujita in Tokushima, Japan
Signature Moves
Moonsault Press (sometime from a scaffold)
Spring Elbow
Yankee Driver
Fire Thunder
Valkyrie Splash
Skewed Double Knee Attack
Skewed Low Altitude Dropkick
Avalanche style Frankensteiner
German Suplex Hold
Mayan style German Suplex Hold
Missile Kick
Tope con Hilo
Kneel Kick
Championships and Accomplishments
BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion (24th generation)
BJW Tag Champion (w/ Isami Kodaka 34th and 38th)
CZW Ultra-violent Underground Champion (15th)
Young Ribbon Tag Champion (2nd generation w/ Risa Sera)
KO-D Tag Champion (48th w/ Isami Kodaka)


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