MEN’S Teioh

PhotobucketReal Name
Takeo Otsuka
December 16th, 1966 from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Trained by
Terry Funk, Gran Hamada
September 7th, 1992 as Terry Boy.
Signature Moves
Miracle Ecstasy (Chokeslam Lift to Powerbomb)
Sexual Ecstasy (Crotch Lift to Powerbomb)
Spinning Toe Hold
Rolling Elbow
Tornado Clutch
CK (Calvin Klein) (Atomic Buster Lift to Side Slam)
Armani X (Modified Jackhammer)
King Lock (Double Arm Lock)
King Lock II (Modified Nagata Lock III)
Teioh Deathlock (Reverse Indian Deathlock)
Royal Lock (Modified Figure Four)
Championships and Accomplishments
WEW Hardcore Tag Team Championship
Super welterweight
BJW Heavyweight Championship
BJW Junior Heavyweight Champion
GAY ( DDT ) World Class Champion
UWA World Middleweight Champion
CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion
CZW World Tag Team Champion


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