Daisuke Sekimoto

 photo 31d9fe7a-2f41-447e-a36f-587b4bd21332_zps929c97fd.jpg
Real Name
Sekimoto, Daisuke 関本大介
Blood Type
February 9th, 1981 from Tsurumi Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Trained by
Big Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo
August 10th, 1999 against Ryuji Ito
Signature Moves
German Suplex Hold
Deadlift German Suplex Hold
Dragon Suplex Hold
Frog Splash
Power Slam
Argentine Backbreaker
Bear Hug
Ankle Lock
Vertical Suplex
Soccer ball Kick
Championships & Accomplishments
KO-D Openweight Champion [31st Generation]
BJW World Strong Heavyweight Champion
BJW Heavyweight Champion
BJW Tag Team Champion
WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champion
ZERO1-MAX / NWA UN Heavyweight Champion
Tenryu Project 6 Man Tag Team Champion [w/ Tatsutoshi Goto and Yoshihiro Takayama]
ZERO1 World Heavyweight Champion [9th Generation]
wXw World Champion
All Asia Tag Team Champion [85th and 87th w/ Yuji Okabayashi] (current)
Fire Festival 2011
NWA World Premium Heavyweight Champion


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