Abdullah Kobayashi

July 22nd, 1976 from Chikuma, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Trained by
BJW Dojo, Abdullah the Butcher, Nagasaki, and Mr. Pogo
May 29th, 1995 against Yuichi Taniguchi.
Signature Moves
Bakachinga Elbow Drop
Gannosuke Clutch
Koba Driver (Sitout back to belly piledriver)
Jigoku Tsuki (Hell Thrust) Throat thrust
Sling Blade
Yama Arashi (Moutain Storm) Argentine Backbreaker
Heavy Rotation Neckbreaker
Corner slingshot splash
Samoan Drop
Diving Brain Chop
Diving double foot stomp
Snap German suplex
Championships and Accomplishments
BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion
BJW World Tag Team Champion (4 times) – (w/ KAMIKAZE), (w/ Daikokubo Benkei), (w/ Jaki Numazawa) and (w/ Daisuke Sekimoto)
WEW Hardcore Tag Team Champion (w/ Daikokubo Benkei)


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