Tomoaki Honma

Photobucket本間 朋晃 Honma Tomoaki
“The Innovator of Lighttube Deathmatches”
November 18th, 1976 from Higashine, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
Trained by
BJW Dojo, Animal Hamaguchi, Keiji Mutoh
May 18th, 1997 against Hideyuki Takahashi in BJW.
Signature Moves
Shalimar Tea (Diving Front Flip Neckbreaker – Buff Blockbuster)
Kokeshi (Diving Heabutt)
Missle Drop Kick
Diving Body Press
Various Elbows
~ Crazy Elbow (Running Elbow)
~ Jumping Elbow
~ Rope Propelled Elbow
Face Crusher
Honma Clutch (Modified Gannosuke Clutch)
Championships and Accomplishments
BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion (2 Times)
BJW Tag Team Champion (2 Times)
WEW Tag Team Champion

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